Remember when Goff was traded b/c of turnovers?

Just saw that Josh Allen led the NFL in turnovers this year…
and knew some other highly regarded QBs had plenty as well…

so I figured I’d take a closer look.






I would guess most remember the story… but here is a refresher…


I do think Goff and the coaches have emphasized reducing turnovers… but definitely looks like that story was a but overblown…


It’s becoming more and more clear that Goff wasn’t traded due to his quarterbacking capabilities.

It’s all about the pipe.

pipe GIF


So basically we can get Allen after the season and two firsts, nice.

Sean doesn’t appear to be the kind of coach that Goff needed, and Goff definitely wasn’t the type of QB Sean wanted. Goff’s hesitancy to throw the deep ball and missed throws in his first free year were a product of the coaching style he endured in LA. He appears to have recovered nicely from that.


Last weekend may make Bills fans nervous. Allen tossed two picks and fumbled twice. If the Bills didn’t have. top defense or if Tua were playing, they are watching from home this weekend


I think it was actually shit scheme and shit receivers. The “running the wrong routes” thing affects an on-script guy like Goff way more than a backyard ball guy like Stafford.

I don’t think McVey “broke” Goff to any degree. That’s speculation, though.


I have posted this before… but I think Goff’s aversion to throwing a deep ball in LA in 2019 & 2020 was closely tied to loss of Cooks and huge regression on the O line.


Here’s my take.

McVay was obsessed with the 6 in 1 box chicago defense under fangio that completely stiffled his offense. He HAD to know how to beat it. He hired Staley the little known LB coach from Chicago to implement it for the Rams.

In 2021, it’s clear they don’t have a true deep threat. The OL is banged up. But their shiny new defense is playing really good football.

If they can just control the clock, they can win low scoring and grinding affairs. On the whole this works. The Rams won a lot of games this way. Goff was orchestrating 13 play 9 minute clock killing drives. Sure the turnovers were climbing but that was because defenses were stacking the box knowing it was a short passing game.

The rams ended up with the #1 overall defense and the #2 overall time of possession.

His offense though was far below what it ever was. His motion offense wasn’t fooling anyone anymore. The run game wasn’t getting traction either against stacked boxes. He became frustrated and didn’t know what to do.

Him and Goff had a discussion behind closed doors. I’m guessing Goff told him something he didn’t agree with and got pissed and felt Goff wasn’t the guy at that point. My guess is McVay told Goff he needed to be better and throw less picks. Goff said something to the effect of needing a deep threat, and a better OL, and a true running game. The play calling was failing.

McVay’s ego got butt hurt and he was done with Goff. He wanted someone else that could do what he wanted and didn’t need a deep threat.

He tried to get Aaron Rodgers and Brady. He even courted Baker Mayfield we now know. Once he heard Stafford was available, he told Snead get it done whatever it takes.

The rest is history.

I never thought Goff was broken. It was clear he was trying to do what the offense could but was hindered by the OL overall.


I agree the disagreement was football related and not about piping a girlfriend. The two were clearly not on the same page football wise at the end.


you might be correct…. but that idea is much less interesting…

Told you since the get go of this!

Fixed it

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Something weird clearly happened. One down season with a terrible Oline shouldn’t have turned the coach on the QB who just put up back to back Pro Bowls, and not long after McVey lobbied to extend him early

I suspect, alleged piping aside, McVey was enjoying the boy genius accolades and when the offense sputtered because the Oline plummeted from top five to bottom five, instead of looking at the problems holistically he used Goff as a scapegoat.

Bearing in mind he won a Superbowl and as a Lions fan we can only dream of this, but were I a Rams fan I’d be a little bummed our genius coach inherited a young team stocked full of talent and convinced the organization to leverage so much future for one championship. That’s less genius and more opportunist.

A genius coach would field a team that competes for a decade. Not one that gives up so many picks for a single run. The Rams cap is screwed and they don’t have the draft capital to rebuild for a while


And i think holmes knew this and took advantage of it. Mcvay is full of bs… i bet he retires and follows the gruden model in a yr or so. I was shocked he didnt after this season.


The trade really worked out for both teams, and I couldn’t be more happy.

Stafford got his much deserved ring. We got a 6th overall pick, and the better long term QB situation


Hmmm! What does it all mean?
Besides, the asshole was right from day 1.
You know, I really don’t hate saying, ‘I told you so’.
I guess that just makes me, me.

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It was very interesting to watch press conferences that season as McVay was basically trying to latch onto the performance of the #1 defense by saying stuff like “I’ve been too focused on the defense and not enough on the offense”. Something that doesn’t sound like a credit grab but resolves that way in most people’s brain.

We’ve seen McVay choose a new scape goat nearly every season. It was Wade Phillips the year before. Todd Gurley before that. He just let a bunch of coaches go this week.


I’ve been a Rams fan since George Allen

Stuck with them even tho they bailed to STL, I’ll not bad talk the departed from earth

But how they wronged Goff has soured me to the point to where I actually visit this site way more than my long time Rams site

Those that know…know

Those that don’t? They don’t care

The future begins next year, this team…long suffering fans are in for a helluva ride


We welcome you and the other “rams” fans onto our boat. I can see why you would follow goff here and i do think theres alot more future lions fans out there with how this team is ran and has been thru over the years…

The detroit lions are the unofficial americas team!

Next yr the un disappears!


It was all a product of the media making it so. Anyone who saw Goff play knew he had what it takes. McVay is lucky he won his one super bowl, because he will NEVER be back.

Next year when Stafford sits out 10 games because of a bad back, maybe the same lying media will finally figure it out…but I won’t hold my breath.


Yup! And we have the true architect of that Rams team here with us now. And his QB and their draft picks to boot!