**Reminder about calling out other posters**

There has been an uptick in calling out other posters, so I just wanted to remind everyone that this is in violation of the CoC. Starting threads to call out posters is a no-no and will get immediately locked or deleted. However, I wanted to point out that calling out other posters IN THREADS is also against the CoC. On the other board we had a major issue with this and we can’t have it carry over. It makes for a bad environment nobody wants to repeat.


Is reminding a poster that their post may be hypocritical a violation of the CoC? Asking for a friend.


Go stand in the corner

is questioning someone’s opinion on a subject “calling them out?”

If it’s done in a genuine, positive way…we have been allowing it. If it’s done in a mocking or negative way, it’s not allowed and is the kind of stuff that brings the mood of the entire board down.


I am a hypocrite so if it’s me, it’s just tellitlikitis

For everyone else, I’d be careful with it. But generally it’s not considered calling someone out of the person is already engaged in the conversation.

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Wes sucks!!

ahh dang the NFL really is the no fun league I mean you can’t say" _______(poster) your an ignoramus troll with no clue about fooseball ."

might as well pack my bags ………:woozy_face:

Damn near everyone that uses the OTT is screwed, including…

The OTT is considered an unmoderated space, unless someone gets way out of hand.

What does the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) have to do with this board?

The last board was Russian controlled and this ones controlled by those damn Canadians? Who do they think they are telling us what to do? Being all polite and proper and crap! I’m not gonna take this sitting down.

What the …

<<<< — Gets boat and Gun and is sitting on the Detroit River - I’m gonna get me one of those damn Canadians!

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Canada…south Detroit in the Journey song.


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keep the conversation to football and all this takes care of itself

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No, its Cartels of Colombia

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So, we can’t remind a poster what they previously said?
I don’t think that holding each other accountable is a violation of the COC.

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I would hope that if I said something and then said something to the contrary, that someone would say something.

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That’s not what he said.

I guess I’m confused what “calling out other posters” means then.

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You guys might want to define what “calling out other posters” means.


You know what, let’s ask the man himself, despite this really not being that difficult.

@Nate to aisle 3, please.