Report: Brady wants roster control

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Insanity. I feel like the elderly Brady in another city experiment is going to fail spectacularly.


I get the play calling and I’d be happy to have Brady involved in the play calling, but roster control? I think the reporter’s source misinterpreted or her source is trying to scare away teams.

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become a HC .

Rosters don’t move that much in FA depending on the cash, only 1 or 2 top tier players. If Tom signs that would leave like 1 more top tier signing for most teams. The draft is a different story but what team would bring him in and believe that he can instantly evaluate not only the team needs but also evaluate the players from the draft? I also think the story is a little sideways/misinterpreted.

An experiment I’d be 100% entertained to watch - with finally the answer to the question: Is the New England mythos substantiated by Tom Brady or by Bill Belichick? Scalpel away the heart from the brain and see where the soul really exists. It’s a freaking philosopher’s stone.

And yeah, it would seem to take some massive ego for pretty much any player alive or dead to make a request like that, but come on, this is an epic premise where pride is the fatal flaw that makes for the most spectacular bellyflop ever, or, the GOAT prevails and lives on ever after in infamy.

Sign me up. The scientist and the literati both want to be entertained. Oh yeah, the football fan, too.


Brady is turning into LeBron James.

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Nice analogy brother!

I think he’s simply and indirectly telling the Pats and Belichick that it’s high time you support him with some actual weapons. Nobody has done more with less in the history of the NFL. Sure, Gronk was cool for a while, but James White, N’Keal Harris and Ben Watson aren’t exactly fucking support.

If the Pats gave him 1 legit weapon, 1 upgrade at O Line and a TE that isn’t completely useless, he probably wins yet another ring. I think that’s the angle he is playing. Passive aggressive angle to get some real weapons. Yeah, they took a flyer on AB and if he wasn’t a mental midget, they probably win it all, but they need to support the man who made that franchise.

In fact, I think TB12 would make a hell of a GM in this league one day.

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oh yeah! I’ll be there with popcorn.


Yeah I call BS. Probably driven by a team trying to sign him.

Brady would never ask for roster control and he’d never get it. He’s not stupid enough to ask for something crazy like that. I could see him wanting to have input on play calling. A veteran like him should have that.

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I can’t wait for Andy Dalton , Ryan Fitzpatrick or any other QB to step in for NE and not miss a beat and have home field advantage in the playoffs on a silver plate …

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History proves that out, all you have to do is look at the record of his backups when he was out.

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I haven’t heard him come out to denounce it ?
It been reported in more than one place…

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Who else has reported? I’ve only seen this ladies account and I think someone played a joke on her.

He doesn’t have to. I’m sure his agent has contacted teams personally and spoken with the teams interested in him. Even though they aren’t suppose to for a few more days.

Why? I thought he was so good that he “elevated” everyone around him…

He’s no Stafford that’s for sure. I mean just ask Golden Tate!!

And Marvin Jones, and Nate Burleson, and Danny Amendola just off the top of my head.

And Kris Durham