Report: Brian Daboll's 'Patriots Way' approach doesn't fly with Wink Martindale

It’s not flying in NE either.

Darren Rovell

With today’s loss to the Giants, Bill Belichick’s NFL head coaching record without Tom Brady at quarterback is now 82-99 (45.3%)

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I think we are learning more and more every day that the Patriot way was bullshit, and if not for Tom Brady, Belichek was a middling curmudgeon of a coach who somehow tore the joy out of winning.


I don’t agree with that at all. The Patriots are in the midst of a rebuild. That doesn’t make Belichick a bad football coach.


Martindale was LB coach for the Ravens in 2012 when they won the Super Bowl.

After he took over the Ravens defense in 2018 as DC, the Ravens were:

              **Points Allowed Rank**                       **Yards Allowed Rank**

2018--------------------------------------- 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

2019--------------------------------------- 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

2020--------------------------------------- 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 7

Martindale, who is 60 years old, is a very good and accomplished defensive coach. Understandable why he wouldn’t want to be treated like an inexperienced guy


However, if Martindale is looking for a job…


Perhaps, somewhat overrated…which is understandable when people have referred to BB as the GOAT.

The man has 8 Super Bowl rings in his career. His reputation as a great football coach is set. Greatest of all time? I’m not big on crowning anyone that as it’s often subjective to the era someone witnessed. He is most definitely one of the greatest coaches of all time. His success speaks for itself.


Save this one for your memoirs. Magnificent communication.
@Weaselpuppy level wordsmithing.


“Tore the joy out of winning” should be on his tombstone. :joy:

Not disputing that at all.

Don’t you even dream about ruining my Tic Tac Dough.

TC RESTANI on X: "Had a conversation with some of my older TV crew members  tonight and we came to conclusion that Wink Martindale is the shit! The  dude has lasted 60

Wink, wink

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I remember my history. Bellichik took the Vinny Testaverde Browns to the playoffs. That’s something of a minor miracle in itself.

When he left the Jets to take the Patriots job, it wasn’t because he was all-in on a 6th round pick, it was because he was going back to an owner he liked, and Drew Bledsoe.

Make no mistake, Bellichik believes in high grade horse flesh at QB, Brady was nothing more than a lottery ticket that hit. Mac Jones has been an unmitigated and emotionally undisciplined disaster.

He swung and missed with the 4th QB off the board.

He’s going to take one this year, and much higher, and you can take that to the bank. He might even bring Jimmy G in too. I’m not a Bellichik fan, but I’m not going to bet against him either. I believe he’s going to resurface, in New England, and with a shiny new QB in his pocket.

Browns beat the Patriots 20-13 in Rd 1

Browns lost to the Steelers 29-9 in Rd 2

I think he takes Marvin Harrison Jr, signs. Captain Kirk and some OL help and value drafts defense the rest of the way.

He doesn’t have time for a rookie QB to get to year 3 before he is playoff ready. With a loss this week they are .500 over the last 5 years, which includes Brady’s last year at 12-4, and they lost the WC game that year.

Kraft isnt going to go through an 8 year drought. They went through a 9 year championship drought, but were on average 12-4 w 2 SB losses in that stretch.

Hoodie is 72 in April. George Halas retired at 72.
Wanna know how many guys have had a HC gig older than that?

  1. Romeo Crennell, age 73, as interim in Houston in 2020 for less than a year. The end.

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Hoody is clearly a defensive genius. One of the best defensive minds of all time.

So him and Brady were the perfect combo.

He needs another franchise QB and he’d start winning again. But good luck finding one. It ain’t easy. They drafted both Mac and Zappe and both are terrible. Now they’ll try again. Without a good QB in an offensive league…u are ■■■■■■

Kirk with the Pats could make sense @Weaselpuppy


Pats getting Kirk makes a ton of sense. Kirk volunteering to go to the Patriots makes zero sense for him, he’s got a say in this, remember? If I’m Captain Kirk, I’m beaming myself to Tampa. Better weapons, better weather, better atmosphere, and built to win immediately. Clock is ticking for him too.


True and true. I think there will be a little bidding fracas for him.

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I think the Vikes are going to try to keep him too.

He was playing very well this season before the injury and didn’t even have Jefferson for most of the games.

Kirk Cousins is cousins with Jake Cousins, a pitcher for the Houston Astros.