Report: Broncos have a 'good offer' on the table for Jerry Jeudy

Hope it’s not us. Jeudy doesn’t seem like a Dan Campbell guy.

Yeah, I have no intetest in Jeudy at all. If they got offered a 6th round pick for him I would be surprised.


Jeudy gets roasted on Denver sports talk for not being a receiver/catcher. Just a route runner. Per talking radio voices here, he doesn’t contest and fight for receptions. I have no idea. I don’t really watch much of the Broncos.


Yeah, this smells like the Broncos front office throwing some stuff against the wall…

There is no reason on planet earth the Broncos have not already accepted a “good offer” for Jerry Jeudy.

Sounds like someone trying to generate interest in him.

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He’s been between 65-78 pff rating and his yards per catch and per target are pretty great. Aside from 2020 when he tore up his knee… he’s a 80-100 target 800-990 yards 4/5 TD guy-

He’s somewhere between S Diggs and D Johnson over his first 4 years.

On a team that hasn’t passed for 3,900 yards or 24 tds in a year!

I would send a 3rd and Julin Okwara for Jeudy and a 5th right now. He won’t be very expensive next year.