Report: Cardinals fire assistant coach Sean Kugler over incident in Mexico City

At one point, he was the Lions TE coach.

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Must have flauta’ed his wares awkwardly…

Team: “There was an incident with Coach Kugler in Mexico City.”

Media: “What was the nature of the incident?”

Team: “Its still under investigation so we don’t want to get into specifics. But we do have credible testimony from a whisteblower that he sucks balls.”

Media: “Whoa, he was caught sucking dick in Mexico City?!?”

Team: “No, he sucks at coaching. That’s all we will say on the incident. For any further questions we will kindly refer you to our team attorney…who will show you the game film. We assure you that we are taking this matter seriously and we have a zero tolerance policy against sucking at coaching.” - Kliff cringes -


“incident”. Pffffft. Bet they never had a coach drive up to Wendy’s…full nude!
Our guys don’t even open the kimono, they don’t even bring a kimono


What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.

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