Report: Dan Snyder had petty reason for nixing 49ers-Cousins trade

Such a Snyder thing.

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And that’s why Washington sucks…Owners should NEVER be involved in players personnel decisions. Guys like him and Jerry Jones, WCF, Al Davis do nothing but get in the way of their GM’s and coaches and make it harder on everyone. Snyder was a failure from day one, hopefully they can turn it around a bit now that he’s gone and be a decent team again…sick of 'Boys & Philly.


At least Al Davis was colorful and entertaining. I can’t think of a single redeeming quality for Snyder.

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True, the best thing about Snyder is that he is no longer part of the NFL.

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Snyder is such a POS, he took his BILLIONS in profit to go live in England.
Yeah, support our troops!