Report: Panthers stop contract talks with Brian Burns

An interesting development.

Tag and trade?


3rd rounder and no more. Hes good, but not great. Would need a contact extension as well.

2nd and they throw in jaycee horn?

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I guess

Apparently he wants nick bosa money (30 mill)

Reportedly they gave him a joey bosa level contract (27 mill apy)

Which i think is reasonable not to give him that he aint worth it

Scott Fitterer is up there as one of the worst GMs in the nfl ever with how he handled this situation

Tag and trade is arguably the only way to get something out of it

2nd and 3rd

Horn is invaluable to them, when healthy

Hes a fantastic CB

A 2nd and pay him?


Ya but i would probably still do it if we had an extension in place etc.

He isnt that good…actually he is kinda a55…

You also get your best starter at cb, if he is healthy, in my comment.

Brian Burns is not worth $30 Million…

Not close…

At least to me…

Maybe the NFL gives him the "Superstar treatment " after he signs (thats what the NFL DOES…)…a

And then we win a Super.Bowl…?


Ill accept that

Who is saying 30 million?

Having a guy that averages 9 sacks a year opposite hutch wouldnt be bad considering and if you add a cb like horn i am good. Not sure where the 30 million stems from

Panther beat reporters are

Again reports are panthers offered 27 mill apy (joey bosas contract)

Burns wants Nick bosa money (30 mill plus apy)

Burns wants $30 million a year

So…funnel that on a backloaded deal…

This is.gonna be a sick FA

Jonah Jackson is going to get like $15 million a year…and he cant pass block

Okay got it, ya to me at 30 million it becomes a tough sell. Fine…

I dont see holmes trading any of his top picks. Maybe a future for older vet that can still get it done.


I mean there is a difference between wanting and getting. Could maybe sell him on a 2-3 year extension and have him expire when hutch is up for extension, allows burns the opportunity to get another big deal before 30

Burns will get it…youll see.

At least he is in shape and doesn’t look like Jonah Jackson…who looks like he never lifted a weight in his life…

Could see rams bears and ravens being buyers in a tag and trade situation

Rams would fit the timeline for like a 2 year 60 mill plus contract