Report: Raiders looking into trading up in first round of draft

If an extra QB gets drafted in Rd 1, that might help push down a defensive player further down the board.

The head coach said the GM “better start working his magic”…

I like Pierce, but unless the GM is totally incompetent, that is a divicive statement from the Antonio…

Is it not?

Looks like it wont end well for the Raiders yet again.

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First round is going to be offense heavy. I legit think 6 QBs, 6/7 WRs, TE and 5/6 offensive lineman. Predicting 19-20 offensive players go in round 1.

Great for us!


Pretty sure Pierce and Jayden Daniels have a strong relationship. Pierce was recruiting coordinator back at Arizona State when Daniels originally signed there. I suspect that any move up would be to try and get him.


This is probably the least shocking and most logical report of a possible trade up the board. The Raiders just have so many needs, Zeigler really did a full Bob Quinn job, but you have to build around the guy under center today, you really do, and imo, this is the best QB crop to come along in quite some time. Typically, I believe in a more conservative and methodical approach, but I think if you’re a team with a question at QB, you really need to take advantage of the talent this class has to offer.


I agree but I’m not sure they can get down far enough to make it matter because it sure looks like there’s three teams at the top of the draft that have quarterback need and are going to fill it.

So if my premise is correct what they’re trading down for is JJ McCarthy which to me is an idea that is doubly bad. I mean they should take Michael Penix as the do-over for JaMarcus Russell really…

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