Report: Vikings minority owner accused of blackballing Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh

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I love how Bacon “connects the dots” with no facts and runs with it as if it is fact. But when UM is accused of cheating and there is actual facts everyone says “we will wait for actual facts”.

Yawn this reads like UM on UM crime and I am not sure why this is even news. Oh wait because the issue is the leak not the fact Hairball cheated. Right got it. Hairball should not be held accountable because someone who hates him (no facts) is leaking details of Hairballs cheating.

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Little brother sounds angry this AM…

It’s all hearsay until something actually happens. It doesn’t really matter who leaked it as long as it’s true which so far it seems to be. Stallions definitely paid people to attend games and record for him with a lot of accusations other than that. No actual proof of anything else so far…prob won’t know anything real for a couple months. If only Harbaugh was on the phone beating off…


I just thought it was an interesting story, which explains why Harbaugh remained at UM.

It sounds like he went there thinking he’d get the job and instead had the Charlie Brown experience of Lucy pulling the ball away. The following article hints at an ownership issue:

“From Harbaugh’s perspective, just talking to people close to him, some of whom believe they are going to get jobs, it sounds like he thinks there’s a very good chance that he gets it,” Rapoport said. “I’m not sure that he would do an interview, come here, in person, to Minnesota, without knowing that he’s gonna get it. It’s just unclear whether or not the Vikings management, specifically Vikings ownership, also are on board. So, there is going to be an interview today. Nothing is done. But at the least he is a strong candidate in Minnesota.”

Lol aren’t you the same dude saying in the other thread assistant coaches were breaking down signals from a hard drive/computer that Stallions is connected to. Time will tell if that is or isn’t true regarding the assistant coaches, but you’ve been doing you’re own fair share of “connecting dots”

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