Reviewing some 2023 games

Out of sheer boredom, and I have a lot of downtime recovering from recently having my appendix removed, I thought I’d rewatch some games, and review them. Feel free to jump in anyone.

Det vs Dal

Great INT by Iffy early on.

Branch made some solid plays.

Campbell was solid. He didn’t do all that much, but he was all over the place.

Not sure what was worse, Barnes not sacking Dak, or Vildor falling down allowing Lamb to get a 90 yard TD.

Vildor was awful, but made some good backfield tackles.

Cam Sutton is the worst CB i’ve ever seen. Stumbling off his own feet. Wink your eye at him, and he’s beat. Honestly, just run, and he’ll fall down.

Goff throws an ugly INT attempting a screen pass under pressure to DMont. He should have never thrown it. Anyone could see that INT coming a mile away. Better to take the sack.

Cool tackle that forced Lamb to fumble into a touch back.

Lamb was unstoppable, but anyone would be against ghost CB’s. Unreal how bad Sutton, and Vildor were.

Beautiful 60+ yard pass to Jamo. Great catch. Jamo get’s hurt.

DMont is a really good running back. Not enough touches.

Sewell did a good job against Parsons.

Hutch with 3 sacks. The defense was fantastic all game minus the outside CB’s. Dallas had zero running game. Big credit to AG.

Goff throws an ugly INT with 2min left.

On the final drive Goff, ARSB, and LaPorta were unstoppable.

Not even going to talk about the eligible player.

Goff throws a terrible pass to Mitchell. Game over.

Goff was visibly upset throughout all his mistakes. Hard to win when your QB struggles, but I will say I think this was one of Goff’s best games throwing the ball.

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Rams v Lions

Okay, so I love Mathew Stafford. I was one of his biggest fans, and supporters. Nothing made me happier than him winning the SB, and the ways he won it. I will always love the guy, and root for him. But I’m also done with Stafford as far as anything Lions. Meaning, I’ve moved on.

But man, that guy is a baller. He got his finger cut, ribs damaged, and was knocked out for a 2nd. He gets back up, and continues to ball out. The guy is an unbelievable talent. He’s an elite QB. That arm talent is once in a lifetime. The guy is magic johnson. How does Stafford not have his own shoes? Truly amazing. I have him in the same category as Barry, and Calvin. Well, Stafford never won it all in Detroit. Fine, but neither did Barry or Calvin. If we go by stats like Barry, and Calvin than Stafford is a future HOF’er.

Anyway, speaking of QB’s, I criticize Goff although I do like him, and I’m happy he’s our guy. But man Goff was A+++ this game. He’s no Magic Johnson, but dude was making ALL the throws. An ELITE game by Goff.

OL was elite bullying Aaron Donald.

Puka Nacua is good at football.

Dmont is good at football.

Gibbs is good at football.

LaPorta is good at football.

ARSB is good at football.

Cam Sutton is the worst at football. And the guy almost cost them the game. Two games watched, two games Sutton was the worst player. I can’t even call him a player.

Cool win.

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Going back and watching the film again puts things into a different perspective. I realize some people are going to think you are just piling on because he’s gone. But anybody who goes back and watches the film is going to see the same thing.


It does put things in a different perspective. The season is over. What’s done is done. So, I’m having fun re-watching games, and evaluating player performances. People might think it’s easier to trash Sutton now that he’s not on the team anymore, but I’m being honest about the guy. He was that bad. And we got lucky he didn’t get called for PI when he grabbed Puka’s jersey. I have a few more games I want to re-watch, and if Sutton has a good game I will give him his credit. But right now that guy looks like the worst CB in football.

To be fair, Donald was being doubled, and tripled, but they pushed him around and took him out of the game. This was a great game.

Donald was so scared of playing the Lions again… he quit and went home. :laughing:

Football Yes GIF by Detroit Lions

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If your name is Aaron and it is potentially the last game of the year for you…its not going to end well.


Sutton was actually pretty good for most of the 1st half of last season. Around mid season though, his play took a cliff dive and he was among the worst CBs in the league by seasons end. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot of personal stuff going on, which culminated in his incident this offseason.

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Good call. I was thinking around mid season that Sutton had been real quiet which is great for a CB. But then something snapped. A crazy woman keeps you up all night? week after week?, drinking? smoking? I don’t know if that’s his story, but it happened to me. College basketball career nose dived. I just didn’t care anymore about performing in my sport and it sure looked like Cam was a completely washed up player down the stretch last year. He was indeed complete garbage as a cover corner. And that wasn’t the case the first half of the season. Grateful he gave us a gift wrapped opportunity to cut him.