Rewind a year

If you could swap out the GM and or HC do you? Do you think we got it wrong? Obviously, we can say “check with me in 5 years” to get a better understanding. But as we stand today, are you happy with our picks? With we had a different combo?

I initially disliked the Campbell hire. Was ok on Holmes, considering where he came from.

Then Campbell had his press conference, and I LOVED the hire.

Then week 10 hit, and we had called draw so many times on 3rd and long that I was over him. Admitted we made a big mistake hiring him.

From there forward, he did a much better job coaching and playcalling. Plus, all the players love him. He’s building a culture I think many will want to be a part of. Doesn’t hurt that Holmes hit so many home runs between the draft and UDFA. Very few mistakes in his first year(Perriman, Denver trade)

For me, I don’t think. I mean, I know I wouldn’t change either one. I think we really nailed both picks, and hopefully it’s the beginning of a long, successful run for the team


I’ve been hard on DC, but I’m feeling good about another year to see if he can translate passion to wins

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Dan Campbell is the answer.
Brad Holmes is the answer.


Plus Holmes is bald so how can you go wrong

Just thought I would add that for you BigNatty


I knew almost nothing about DC. I think the Lions struck gold. His EQ appears to be so far ahead of his meathead stereo type.

Winning the locker room is tough and he did it through extreme adversity.

As to Holmes, I knew he could identify talent, but it was hard to know how much was Snead’s leadership. Based on year one, he did fantastic and showed he belongs as a top GM.

There are still a few outstanding concerns on if they can turn the corner. I expect them to this year with a winning season.



I wasn’t too excited about DC but might also thought he was the best of who would’ve said yes. I liked that I recognized the bands on staff as good players I followed

I had no idea on BH

I wasn’t too excited about Caldwell.
And he did great in 2014

Loverboy: I’ve been “Loving every minute of it”!

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100% happy and support the

Yeah this.


Other than Campbell being a former Lion, I knew nothing about these guys.

Initial press conference
Training camp
Players words
Seeing UDFAs play decent football
Staying competitive despite losing their best players
Even at 0- whatever it got to … I was all in on these guys — Goff, no
All those draw plays — he literally had no better options at that point — it was that dire

Goff Turing the corner for the last 1/4 season …

Not sure how anyone can question whether they were good hires. And they attracted top assistant coaches — the formula for success is unbelievably obvious. Finally we’ve got the right kind of people.

We will become competitive each year — I have ZERO doubt.
Eventually a SB surprise may finally come.

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BTW…I am a member of the club

Both hires are great.
But to be fair, I think I liked all of our hires for HC and GM in year 1.
Year 2 is probably more important, but I really did like what I saw. Slightly more of a fan of Campbell vs. Brad, but again, year 2 will say alot.
What I think I like most is that they’ve surrounded themselves with good people i.e. Capers, Dorsey. They picked great assistants and were willing to cut bait early for the one that didn’t work (as well as the strength guy). This shows that they do not get overly invested in one decision, one style, one tactic. They are committed to continuous learning and improvement. That is huge. Its the polar opposite of “my way or the highway”. They know what they don’t know. Which is VERY refreshing. They need to keep it collaborative (I know Dan will, I’m looking at you Brad).

The culture, which REALLY matters, has definitely changed for the better. That is pretty much all Dan Campbell.
All signs point to the right trajectory.
Year 2 is very very important.

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Great post, dude. 100% yes to all of that!

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I wouldn’t change much. I thought both did an outstanding job. They just had an awful run of injury luck. It’s no coincidence the lions started playing like an nfl team on offense once decker came back and got a couple games under his belt.

In the long run I think the bad injury luck will have been a good thing. It forced our inexperienced coaching staff to think outside the box and develop quicker than they would have with a full roster. It gave a ton of young players an opportunity to learn and grow under fire. It developed trust in the locker room between player and coaches.

To me it especially showed Dan Campbell has what it takes to be a successful nfl head coach. He held the team together through 10 straight losses. He made tough decisions like taking over the play calling. He wasn’t afraid to ask his other coaches for help in learning how to call plays and improve the scheme. He wasn’t afraid to take risks and go all out to win games. He was far from perfect but I was very impressed by the growth from first game to last. By the end of the season the lions were that team that nobody wanted to play.

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I cautiously think so too.

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