Rex Ryan just call Penei the best OT in the NFL

Watching pre-game ESPN….

Rex Ryan just said Penei is the best OT (not just ORT BTW) in the NFL…

and then even mentioned that he is already up there with as good as any ORT in the history of the game!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Penei has sweet feet. Rex loves sweet feet.


Wow, that’s a very bold statement.

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Is it?


Sewell’s play has backed that statement up…
he has been a beast this year!

He has not given up a sack… and he has multiple plays of blocking 2-3 players at once in the run game. He moves like a ballerina…, at 330+ pounds. The Falcons took Kyle Pitts over this man! :scream:


He hasn’t even reached the end of his rookie contract. Calling him as good as anybody in history seems like a very bold take.

I don’t necessarily disagree with him though.


He embarrassed Bosa in this clips the Rex went through … dominant

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Was he saying ever? I thought he meant currently in the league.

He’s clearly not the best OT ever.

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Are you pursuing a career in stand up or in writing? Every thread I click on, there is husker with some great comedy material

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He’s been on this weekend. The bad dad jokes have been a little sharper, wittier.

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About time “the experts “ catch on.

Been saying it for years

Dude is a future HOF’er.

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Sorry. Forgot to add his family to my list of “great coaches”.

Rex and Rob are on the list.

Where did they go?

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Guaranteed. He’s barely legal drinking age and mauling the best defensive ends in the nfl

I’ve never seen a tackle downfield so much engaging in blocks on multiple guys on a single play. Lots of dudes get out in space but typically whiff because they don’t have the agility to move laterally or lunge. Sewell engulfs defenders with a high level of consistency. It’s truly amazing for a 330lb dude to steamroll defenders downfield.


Exactly. He’s a very good pass blocker.

But in the run game is where he really stands out. It’s wild to go back and watch him. Like you said he’s 20 yards down field kicking ass on a regular basis. Moves like a 250 pound tight end who happens to weigh 330.

Someone called him a dancing bear… sums it up perfectly

Just traumatizing defenders man. lol.

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