Rhule escapes Black Monday Guillotine, sacrifices three assistants

I’ll never understand it.

If the shit rolls down hill, how does sacrificing three assistants appease the owner gods? He hired them to begin with.

One of my concerns with Dan Campbell is still the fact that Lynn was such a disastrously awful hire. Now, it might have been Dan’s only bad hire, so maybe it’s nothing.

Either way, I don’t quite understand how this works.

Well Rhule clearly is blaming his assistants but you can only do that once, maybe two times.

MCDC — you can cut some slack. It would be difficult to find only perfect guys within weeks of being hired — and as a first time coach

That’s acceptable

He quickly acted on his mistake — excellent

Now he has to fix it “right” — he will better know what he needs the second go around

It doesn’t bother me in the least that he’s going to change his OC

Better than the Caldwell way …


Rhule’s stock has really plummeted in 2021. They were in essence the 2020 version of this season’s Lions, they gutted the roster and played a lot of young guys and were far more competitive that they should have been and looked a franchice very much on the right track ending last year.

It now seems that Rhule was given too much power and made too many bad decisions constructing the roster for 2021 and going off reports is unable to delegate and his micromanagement pissed people off.

The defense isn’t bad but without reconstructing that O-line and sorting out the quarterback they are going nowhere and Rhules kinda seems shit out of ideas

Wayne Fontes would do it every other year with coordinators, :laughing:

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I don’t think Lynn was disastrous. He obviously did not fit the players we had in place and the system Dan wanted to run, but after he was demoted he supposedly still made contributions with the running game. Nobody was calling people out in the media and everyone did and said the right thing. Urban Meyer was disastrous. Lynn just didn’t work out.


It’s like owning a bowling alley in a college town.

You understand where and what you are at the time. You’re not Disneyworld, you accept that your customers will involve white girl wasted wasted white girls who will not be fun to be around. You’re not on the PBA stop after all…

So yeah, it’s going to suck for awhile. It’s going to be shrill and loud and stupid, and balls will get dropped and will cross lanes and sound like someone threw a frozen turkey out of a helicopter. Shit breaks, clean it up, move on. This is the firing of the assistants…

Now maybe they buy some food, sober up a little and the bros down the way hit on them and they all have a good time and come back next week with their friends…

Or maybe it devolves into catfights, hysterical crying and barfing in the ball returns…and you have to tell your long suffering manager to see them out or the cops will. Yknow, a Patricia level meltdown.

Gonna take time to find out, but that’s the game…


So with coordinators I can see both sides to a degree. I get it more when a HC is known for one side of the ball and the other side is causing him issues. I get it less when he is an offensive mind and its the offensive causing the problems. I think coordinators are vastly underrated coaches who make such a difference and the HC gets the credit. That’s changed more recently though. Also, if you look at a HC as a people person whose main job is to be a leader and a tone setter for the team, and the Xs and Os are failing him, then maybe firing assistants when needed makes more sense .

But then there are also clearly times when a HC, or GM for that matter, is in deep sh-t, and needs to find a scapegoat to survive another season.


I think it has to do with the owner saves money by not firing the head coach. Rhule signed a 7 year - 60 million dollar deal. Fire him and you still owe him 50 mill or so. Assistants are making very little in comparison.


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I’m just out here, painting mind pictures…
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My educated guess.
All situations are different. Some instances, cheap ass owners dont want go give guaranteed money to coaches, so they fire assistants to appease fan base and pretend it’s something real.
Some instances, they are truly making an honest firing/hiring, in an attempt to improve the performance on Sundays.
Probably instances where there are politics that nobody knows aobu that get involved too.