Rich Eisen Has A Crush

It’s on our LIONS!


The Lions are getting more media action than a 2 peckered Owl in mating season.


This is a great clip and I love Rich. For me, it doesn’t get any better.

But something he said we must be cognizant of: that Baltimore team isn’t just well coached, that defense does absolutely not ■■■■ around. Back to back with Tampa is tough sledding for our boys. I think we eek it out but I’d excuse a loss.


Agree on that defense, playing Tampa the week prior may actually be a good thing, especially leaving Tampa with a win.


Grand Rapids radio host asks where is come down to earth game for Detroit?
Eisen: what does that mean? This team is for real, come down to earth means what, they lose 3 games, know what…that equals 13-4 This team is for real.


In an intellectual sense I have a crush on Rich Eisen. He’s the best, man. Awesome dude as well apparently.


I thought these 2 games back to back would be tough and I would be happy with a split……so I’m good with a win or loss. But I’m really starting to think this team can beat anyone anywhere. Hoping Gibbs has his breakout game.


I was actually looking at TB, BAL, and LV because the bye week is on the other side. In my head I’ve been prepared for any combination of 2 - 1. Don’t care who they beat. Don’t care who they lose to.

Just get to the bye 6-2. Rest up, game plan, and go take over SoFi.

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This is very accurate.

And a loss doesn’t change where we are or where we’re going. People need to remember that.


I am getting a wee tinge of '80s “Another One Bites the Dust” vibe here. I’m scared. Maybe I need a slap…

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Ah, thank you…

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Baltimore is an extremely well coached and talented team. This was a game I chalked up as a loss prior to the season. Honestly, it’s probably our 2nd toughest game of the season, behind the opener. I personally think they are better than Dallas.

We are actually getting 3 points this week from Vegas, so even the oddsmakers have is losing.

Unless we completely shit the bed, losing a close game in Baltimore does not change my outlook, nor should it anyone else’s. Even Super Bowl contenders lose games like this.

I am still scared that this defense will struggle against a running QB. Keeping Lamar contained in the pocket and not beating us with his legs is priority #1 in this game. I think we squeak out a win, 24-20.


I’ve been saying that since the Tampa game ended.
We have a true Dawg Fight coming up. I really think this team is going to give us more of a problem than KC did.

Lions by 14

I love Eisen too.

They seem a little headhunty too. Im concerned about injuries during the game.

2005 beat down of Ravens

Absolutely possible we lose this game. That D in Baltimore is no joke. And I am VERY concerned about the mobile QB woes we have had recurring.

Good post
I also had this as a loss on the schedule
But now I think they have a chance to beat the Ravens
Win or lose I just want a good game
Then go beat the shit out of the Raiders on MNF


That’s the ugliest offensive stat line you’ll see in a win that size

21 penalties on Ravens…

Tell me again how the games can’t be fixed lol

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