Rick Wagner cut

Too me it’s a easy as Crosby is now the RT at a significantly less salary im fine with this Wagner was horrible.If we trade back too 6 Whirfs,Becton and Thomas are now in play I would take the kid from Iowa he is a beast.Man I would love to see peoples reaction to them taking a OT in the first…lol


I have been using Becton in the mock draft set up

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If they sign Thuney with Wagner and GG $$ and put Crosby at tackle are we worse or better?

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I would say better


About the same?

Wagner was just so bad that it’s hard for me to believe there’d be a discernable difference between him and Crosby. Maybe a slight, slight dropoff just due to experience, perhaps?

I tend to overestimate Glasgow it seems, but I’d say Thuney wouldn’t be a significant jump there either. Maybe a bit, but I don’t think so, personally. I don’t know a ton about Thuney though.

  • Glasgow: 6’6", 310 lbs, 27 years old, plays all 3 interior positions - Top 10 finish in PFF guard grades 2019

  • Thuney: 6’5". 290 lbs, 27 years old - Allowed more pressures than only Marshal Yanda and Richie Incognito among all guards

Hard for me to think there’s much of a difference in terms of talent alone. Having said that, you never really know how a line will perform together until they do. Could be much better…could be even worse.

I would really like us to keep GG an draft a ROT an leave Decker at LOT an use Crosby as swing OT

Doesn’t appear like we keep GG but I wouldn’t have guessed Wagner would be cut this season so ya never know.


Signing that didn’t pan out, that Quinn tried to make work a season too long.

Does anybody think our roster is better than it was before Quinn got here, four years in?


Wagner was the weakest link on the line and it showed up on tape. He’s fine for stretches, but then there are moments where he botches a play. In his case, its usually at the worst possible time. I thought they might give him another year, to be honest. We’ll see what the plan is from here.


I don’t like move , Wagner was at the very least a good pass protector that has kept Stafford upright . It’s not a choice that can show it’s worth until we know what we end up with …On the outside looking in it appears as an unnecessary risk with a net gain of $300k in added cap space and a giant hole at RT or at minimum a solid vet in Wagner to offset a rookie learning curve .

Didn’t like Wagner, bad signing, not sad to see him gone. However we have so many holes on this team and so much dead salary. Lots of quality OTs in this draft, you don’t need to stay at 5 or 6 to get one, can hopefully pull a Madden and get a few more trades and still pick up a top OT. I often find myself picking up Ezra Cleveland in the 3rd in mock drafts, not sure he falls that far.

Not sure what your looking at with 300K gain in cap. The gain is $6,100,000 Not sure you have typo or just looked wrong spot here it is break down $11,900,000 -$5,800,000=$6,100,000 Your wrong

Current Contract

Year Cap
Number Dead Money & Cap Savings
2017 $5,900,000
2018 $5,900,000
2019 $11,900,000
2020 $11,900,000 $5,800,000 $6,100,000
2021 $11,900,000 $2,900,000 $9,000,000
Total $47,500,000

Wagner, who will turn 31 in October, being cut doesn’t bother me in the least.

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5.8 Mil from Wagner, 5.0 mil from Harrison and 3.5 from Diggs. We have 15 mil in dead cap. Its not that bad.

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Would anybody be shocked now if we took an LT with the pick?

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I’ve been saying all along that OT will be our best value. Thomas or Whirfs but I’m afraid of Becton.

With the Wagner move, it can only be that we stay at 3 and take OT, or we already know who we have a trade down with. And with that trade down, we have to have an OT be one of the 1s. (If the trade down consists of 2 1st rounders)

We can not go into camp with having Crosby as our starter. We all know he is not what we need, especially after getting rid of the better one of the 2. (and both are not quality starters)

Lions had 17 million carry over from 2019 so we can say it covered that 15 mil an we still have 2 million from 2019 to cover the 3 million if they trade slay which i hope we don’t

Yep suddenly OT is a possibility even as early as round one.

Funny thing is BQ has repeatedly claimed Wagner was a building block piece while fans have claimed he was not worthy of the contract. BQ finally admits he made a mistake here.

I could be wrong but I think this offseason will be the most dead cap in team history if it’s not it’s damn close.

I think the year Suh left might have been a little more.