Rick Wagner cut

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Lol. Creating another hole. Time to take another o lineman in the first.


Wow. Well that certainly brings some of those tackles into the conversation.

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Is this really creating a hole though? Wagner was next to useless out there.

I’d love to replace Wagner with Conklin. Even if Conklin winds up costing an extra few million per season it’d be worth it.

If I thought the drop off between Wagner and Crosby was bigger I’d be more concerned. And, to be clear, I place 0 confidence in Crosby at this stage. Wagner was just so gd bad out there that I am calling this addition by subtraction rather than a hole.


Yup, agreed. Wagner was bad. I don’t really like Conklin either (Wagner 2.0), but it can’t be that hard to upgrade. There’s a ton of talent in the draft.

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No love for Conklin? I thought Derrick Henry looked beautiful running outside the tackles down in Tennessee.

Perhaps I’m overrating him based on Henry’s success. Definitely could be the case.

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He’s a good run-blocker but a bad pass-blocker. I think it says a lot that not only did the Titans not pick up his 5th year option, but they’re letting him go without a fight. I also expect him to be vastly overpaid in FA.


Lions now have 2nd most in dead cap next season .


Ah, I see - Good point. Teams usually try to keep quality players. Whenever I see someone that I think is a quality player being let go, I usually presume they aren’t as good as I think they are, that there is a regime change, that there is someone younger at the position the team wants to go with, or there is a megastar that needs to be paid.

With Tennessee, I know they need to pay Henry and a QB, but they might get Tannehill fairly cheap compared to what some other teams are spending on QB’s right now. I don’t think they have anyone younger at RT they are excited to plug in.

So yeah, sound logic man - I may be overrating him based on watching Derrick Henry run alone.


Ha…man, and one of the things I was giving Quinn credit for was excellent cap management. So much for that inaccurate assessment on my behalf.

Hearing that makes me sick. I actually thought the Lions were in good shape when it came to dead money.

Just lovely. :joy:

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Now you bash about Dead Cap few weeks ago you bashed about Over Paying You just have a serious anti problem


Where did I bash them anywhere in my post? I was just pointing out a fact. Should they be bashed about their level of incompetence? Of course they should. You think having the 2nd most dead space is a good thing? You think picking 3 OA is a good thing?

Take a Look at roll over Cap before you bash. Roll Over from, 2019 was over 17 million Starting 2020 Lions had one major Dead cap Diggs then Snacks now Wagner an the Cap room when Up.

We are now at |$52,330,888| space an that is counting Danny Amendola Slay when we trade if we do will create over 10 million more even with almost 3 million more on dead cap.

For record I keep him ab tag if he plays well in 2021 But Dead Cap is part of running a club an lets see when its all done where we stand an not throw rocks before final numbers are in.


Could have sworn you were preaching to pick o-line with the first pick weeks ago.

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Did I say not to do it here? I literally said it’s now time to. There is way more value in taking an OT than taking Okudah or Derek Brown.

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I would have taken an OT over a CB or Brown at #3 even with Wagner on the roster tbh.

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Well judging by your post, you don’t seem all to be happy about it. Hence, my response.

Also, just wondering. Which OT would you take. And would you say there is a clear consensus on who the top OT is?

Yeah, it’s hard for me to not bash Quinn here.

I liked Diggs and thought he was traded because he wasn’t a yes man. I could be wrong about all of that. If not though, I would have preferred to see the Lions work out the kinks in that relationship, retain an affordable quality safety, and avoid dead money.

With Snacks - Same deal. A lot of us speculate that he didn’t want to be here because of the abrasive style of Patricia. They speak nice publicly, but the actions are louder than their words, to me. More dead money that could and should have been avoided by working out the issues in the relationship.

It’s hard for me to justify all of this dead money that has come to be by moving on from quality players that could and likely should still be here.

Having said that - My assumptions on why these players are gone and the dead money exists is speculation. I don’t know for sure that these guys are gone because they no longer wanted to be a part of Patricia’s seemingly abrasive style.

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I like Andrew Thomas I think he’s the best. I would be fine with Becton too he’s a freak athlete