Right Guard…

I honestly didn’t realize how bad Evan Brown played last night until I saw this. He was abused by the Packers and it shows me we definitely need an upgrade there. Hope they resign him as a back-up though.

This guy does a great job of showing the Lions deficiencies on the interior of our o-line.


Because they are already paying for so much on that offensive line with Decker, Ragnow and Jonah probably going to command some change, I think they need to get a guy in the 2nd round to plug into that RG spot.


Brown had some nice plays too. It’s just a matter of Brown being a center and playing guard because the Lions were out of bodies. I think a case could be made that Brown is a starting level center. He did a fine job playing out of position for what he is. If the Lions re-sign him I’d be all for it. Love the guy. But he’s a C more than a G


Brown didn’t look quite right for the last few games he played. He may be dealing with more of an injury than we are aware of. Or, he’s just not that great at guard.

Also, Kenny Clark is pretty good. He’s caused problems for lots of O-lineman, not just Evan.


OG is a position that you can draft and get a player who can walk right it and play. I wouldn’t look past the OC’s because there’s some very good talent there and you can find players who can move over to OG. Bring Brown back as depth.


Yep. I haven’t done a deep dive into OL yet, but early looks I really like C Schmitz from MINN and OT Mauch from NDST. I think both these guys could transition to RG and be pretty successful day 1. I’m sure there are some other guys, but I’d happily take either of these two.

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I would stay off of Mauch, he isn’t anywhere near as good as the Missouri Valley Conference OT’s drafted the last 2 seasons. Spencer Brown in the 3rd in 2021 and Trevor Penning last year who went in the first. Fellow teammate OG Dillon Radunz, NDSU, was drafted in the second round of the 2021 draft and he was a reach. His ceiling is career backup and I don’t expect much better for Mauch. A late flier, sure. BTW, they lost their game for the National Championship yesterday to those wacky Jackrabbits of SDSU, 45-21.

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Personally I would like to see if Big V would take a paycut and keep him. Brown is a good center and can swing to guard if necessary. We really need another Guard that is healthy and can prevent the big drop off when plugged in.


Jackson Kirkland he can step in a play RG and be a back up OT too. Might be good fit


The Lions should play moneyball at guard IMHO. They’ve invested big at tackle and center. You could argue for chasing value at center as well, but when you have one as good as Ragnow you don’t let him go. I have to think Big V is going to be released. I would try to resign Brown and take a guard to develop in the draft. If Brown gets offered a big contract to start at center from another team, then congratulations to him. I wish him all the best. The Lions need to have Sewell’s future contract in mind before spending big on anyone else.


I really don’t think we need to draft a right guard. We get big v and kraemer back next year. Unless their back injuries are going to be an ongoing thing they’re both players that can step in and play at a high level.


It’ll be fascinating to see how Steve Avila holds up tonight against Carter. Avila’s a massive guy on the interior and strong as an ox, but how athletic is he? I also don’t think he’s the best recognizing stunts and other mental aspects but that will be mitigated by playing next to Ragnow.

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Def should use a day 2 pick on OG

i think big question right now is what we do with our 1st at 18 (I think we go CB at 6 tbh)

could go RB, but depends on jamaal williams resigning or not

LB or DT is another possiblity

if we will frisky, we could go WR aswell, and shore up the WR room with a good young core (depends if we resign chark or not tbh)

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Brown was already a bit undersized at center and we asked him to play RG where you go against some of the biggest guys possible. He filled in admirably but the dude needs to be only a center. I thought they should’ve moved Ragnow to RG and brown at center for this year but what do I know.

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I would keep Kraemer as I think he’ll be cheap depth(that’s if he can stay healthy). Big V I’d entertain an affordable short term offer, but he’s clearly not the future.

Ideally we draft a G in round 3-7 that we can develop and eventually start(and be good of course)while on a rookie contract. There’s already a lot of money and investment tied up there.

Vaitai is approaching 30, won’t have played in almost 2 years after a back injury and the Lions can save $6.5m by cutting him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not even on the roster.

Kraemer is a depth piece. Not a starter.

Keep the OL a strength and draft a good, young, cheap RG who can step in next season.


Wonder w Schmitz the kid at Minnesota will measure. If he’s big enough to play OG would love to grab him in the 2nd as someone who can play Center as well during times that Ragnow can’t go


He’s definitely big enough to play guard


I would target a starting guard either with our second pick in the second round or our third rounder.

I don’t want to wait too long and possibly end up with some bum, we need to keep the OL as a strength with no weak links because a good offensive line makes the entire offense much better just like a good defensive line makes the entire defense much better.

Voorhees out of USC is who I like. I think he’s the most Pro ready of the bunch being a sixth year guy he’s had multiple years in a college strength program I think he’s the most ready to step right in and play at a high level for a playoff team.


The Eagles entire iOL is made up of guys who played center in college. I think it’s a strategy of theirs and I like it. Centers are usually smart and can shift inside to cover in case the starter gets hurt.