RIP Alex Collins

Damn Ryan Mallett and now Alex Collins

Arkansas has the vapors right now

damn, prayers for him and his family.

While trying tk look it up, i found this article of an Arkansas commit who died in June.

Life is just getting good at 28. Hell, men don’t even start to mature until they’re 30.
Very sad.


Crazy to think I taking a break and reading this …. A break today as I’m teaching a motorcycle safety course here in Oklahoma


Whatever you can use to keep folks safe

I’m going to discuss it upon coming back from lunch….

The Car (using very limited data off the internet) appeared to turn left in front of the bike …… always assume they will turn into your path of travel


Right…always. I always slow down in those scenarios.

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I always assumed I was invisible to everyone else on the road whenever I was riding…


I “matured” at 33. I have no idea what happened. When people think they are going to go to bed at 29 years old and wake up a different person at 30, that didn’t happen to me. But I went to bed at 32 and woke up at 33 and I swear the way I view life changed in a meaningful way. I even went to work that day like it was nothing special. I hadn’t given it a second thought. But minutes before pulling into the company parking lot, something felt “off.” I immediately went to my bosses office and told him I was taking the day off. I sat at home looking out the back porch drinking Four Loko’s and I’ve never been the same since!


That happened to a buddy of mine (and the drummer and singer of my band at the time).
A car was turning left and broadsided him.
He lived, but, it took two years for him to get behind his kit again, and he had to relearn everything, not just drums.
He had just finished electrical engineering school. Gone!
He was broken from head to toe.


Episode 2 GIF by The Simpsons

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On a serious note, that’s cool you can remember the exact day it clicked.

A lot of people have similar stories in their faith or their walk.

I kinda wish I could pinpoint mine.

Maybe I need to reflect?
Maybe it hasn’t happened yet??
Maybe it never will…

Ugh, now I’m depressed. Just kidding

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Yep - I teach “ controlled paranoia “

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Tell me this ten years ago and I don’t believe it. Tell me this today and I don’t doubt it

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Tell me this ten years ago and I don’t believe it. Tell me this today and I don’t doubt it. It’s always tragic to see someone taken so young.

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For many, having kids helps push it along.


Respect brother @Pdono
I bet your a good parent
World needs more of that