RIP Franco Harris

Same week as the 50th anniversary of the “Immaculate Reception”.


Still remember watching that game live.



Sad Sad Sad . . . seemed like a genuinely good dude.


Immaculate Reception on Make a GIF


That sucks.

Man, as a boy growing up in the 70’s Franco and many of those Steelers were a big part of our pop culture, beyond football. Hate to hear this, but may he rest in peace.

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Hat seeing these guys go.
Sending love to family and you, Franco.
Ya done good, brother. Very nice job of human-ing.

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Damn that sucks
Still young at 72


Always loved Franco. Pittsburgh Steelers were my adopted team back in the 70s (cuz, yeah, the Lions sucked).
RIP Franco…

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RIP Franco! The day before they were going to retire his Jersey and have a huge celebration in his honor

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72 is too young
Anyone know the cause?

Immaculate Reception
I remember watching that game
As a kid the Steelers were my alt fav team (Lions)
I loved Bradshaw, Mean Joe and of course Jack Lambert :crazy_face:

Big loss for the Steeler family


Jeez — didn’t know that
Must have been sudden

Wow, I had not heard this.
I was a huge Steelers fan in the late 70’s, early 80’s. I loved Franco and Rocky Bleier, Swann, Stallworth, and all those defensive guys. I still have a bunch of the Steelers cards from then.
RIP Franco.

I didn’t like the Steelers at that time, but it was impossible not to like Franco. Rest in peace!