Rob Parker (SOL)

This bitter old man needs to retire!!

couldn’t even listen to all of it……

making an argument that the past dictates the future???

despite all new people running the team???



RP is tough to listen to. So glad he’s not on local sports radio anymore. Nails on a chalkboard level of irritation. In fact, I listened to the point of the video when Rob came on. Just couldn’t take it and had to turn it off. It’s the same old, same old.


The Truth.

Box of Rocks 1
Rob Parker 0


I didn’t bother listening, but just had to mention that I cannot hear the name Parker or Wilson without thinking of their old intro (Parker and The Man). Greatest ever.


Well, the question is why would anyone try to listen to Rob Parker after the years he spent in the Detroit market. History tells one there is no need to listen to him, you will be dumber for it.


Generational Sin! :crazy_face::upside_down_face::heart::pray::+1:



As much as I dislike the guy and disagree with him on this, I can understand his logic.

If I’m playing probabilities and am looking at nothing but the numbers, I’m betting heavily against the Lions as well. They’ve never won anything. They’ve had a massive amount of “new regimes” and “improved rosters”. They’ve had hope before. It’s all amounted to nothing. Zero. Zilch. Squat. Never once, in most of our lifetimes, have the new regimes, players, and hope catalysts ever panned out.

Additionally, every team has a much better chance at being in the group of 28 teams who don’t reach the NFC/AFC Championship game. Parker is betting on the odds there as well, which is usually a winning formula. It’s a much more successful bet to say a team won’t win the Superbowl (or anything of importance) than saying they will. The odds are simply stacked that way.

Having said that, I still think he’s wrong. I do think this time is different. Maybe we’re all fools, but I think this team is a winner and will be for some time.


With all due respect, that’s a beyond ridiculous reason to bet against the Lions. This is new ownership, new GM, new coach, new players. Has absolutely zip, zilch, zero to do with past Lions teams. There’s no merit to what Parker is saying.

If you want to bet against this version of the Lions because you don’t believe in Goff or the receivers aren’t dynamic enough or you don’t believe in their ability to stop the run or, my reason why the Lions might disappoint, that they could fold under the weight of expectations which is something they’ve never experienced before then sure I can buy that but to say they’re going to fail because of Lions past regimes just makes no sense to me whatsoever. We all make jokes about SOL and such but that’s not really a thing. The failures have been due to incompetence not because of some fictional hex that is and always will cloud this franchise.


Rob Parker…aspired to be more bitter and miserable than Drew Sharp, yet couldn’t quite get there due to him clearly not hating life more than Drew.

It’s like replicative fading in cloning, the copy seems to just not be as crisp as the original or the preceeding copy.


I fully expect to see the Detroit Rag hire NotWally next.

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At least Sharp was a great ■■■■■■■ writer.

Rob is a professional troll.


Refuse to read nor listen to a certified imbecile. Don’t give a shit what he chirps.



It’s easy to say a team is going to fail… injuries, bad bounces, referees, etc, can quickly turn a season.

Hell, 31 teams end up going home losers.

Last year was a success. Nothing can change that, and that’s why Rob sounds stupid as usual.

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Which makes me dislike Sharp all the more.

“I have a genuine talent…lets see what I can use it for…hmmm…well…I KNOW! I can be incredibly negative, play the Say Stupid Shit For Clicks game, and generally find something to complain about even when the sun is shining and things are ok”

With great power(talent) comes great responsibility

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Professional only in the sense he was actually paid legal tender for his bs, not that he has any kind of professional ability…


Dare I say, it’s the SORP?!?

Same Ole Rob Parker


Absolutely. 1st and foremost allow me to restate that I am betting ON the Lions. Not against them. I’ll also restate that I disagree with Parker. I think the Lions will be successful with this regime for several reasons, including the ones you mentioned. I am with you and just about everyone here.

Having said that, I understand his perspective due to my experience in trading equities. Allow me to try to explain, briefly, why his perspective might not be as ridiculous as you suggest.

Equities trading has a lot of parallels to sports betting / predicting outcomes. There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to trading and gambling.

Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis

With fundamentals, the investor, or someone gambling on the outcome of a sporting event, is looking at the quality of what they are betting on or against. With this perspective and sports, someone is looking at the coaches, the roster, free agents, injuries etc. They are making a decision based on what they see. They are considering the “fundamentals”.

With technicals, the investor, or someone gambling on the outcome of a sporting event, is looking entirely at the chart, data, numbers, etc. They don’t care about the roster. They don’t care about free agents and injuries. They care about nothing but the data.

Niether approach is 100% accurate with trading or sports betting. Both have value, however. It took me several years as an equities trader to understand and accept this to be true. I used to wonder why something like “Dogecoin” would be making people rich beyond their wildest dreams while someone who invested in Costco is losing their shirt. Dogecoin is ultimately useless and Costco provides millions of people with valuable goods and services. In this case, those following the Technicals approach win.

My point is that Parker is using a Technical Analysis approach to this. He knows 31 teams will ultimately fail. He knows the Lions are always one of those 31 teams. He’s doubling down on his bet that the Lions will ultimately not be one of the last 4 teams in the SB race this year.

I don’t think, mathematically, that is a “ridiculous” approach. Odds are, he’ll probably be right.

Still, I’m with you and everyone here. I think the Lions are going to be great this year and for the foreseeable future. Just wanted to shed a little more light on my initial comment.

Additionally, and probably most importantly, Parker is more likely simply just saying what he knows will get him more clicks and attention lol.


Some sports journalists are good at what they do, some just try for shock value. Parker is on the low end of the latter.


Parker was always a hot take artist and I’ve never liked him.

That said:

While he lost his job over it, I loved it when he asked Rod Marinelli if Marinelli wished his daughter had married a better defensive coordinator