Robert Saleh articles about Detroit opening

I have to be honest, reading up on the guy makes me more intrigued. The way Richard Sherman describes him sounds like he is talking with Patricia in mind. :joy: :joy: :joy:

And just found this article: holt crap…he was in one of the towers on 9/11. I’m sure someone mentioned this already but wanted to add the story. In fact I believe @DetroitStrong has been talking about it…holy crap.

“Homegrown. He’s a great leader of men. And he’s not stubborn. He doesn’t just think he has all the answers. He comes up with a great plan and evolves it with his players.”

“We battle for that man!” Sherman continued in the text. “He’s a great human being. Makes you want to fight for him.”


Wow… also there was this article from John niyo from awhile ago…

I would definitely not be upset if he got the job. And depending how the team plays under bevell, retaining him as either OC or assistant HC?


I spoke to a few cousins of mine in san francisco and they were like “dude he is going to have his pick of jobs, why would he pick the Lions? Their defense is a mess and their structure as an organization is a dumpster fire”

they aren’t wrong. :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:


41 and been in the league 16 years. Might be young in age, but not in experience. Wow. I don’t really want a rookie HC, but he would be a fine hire. Sherman is right he seems like a leader, I like his intensity and he seems to have a presence. I REALLY like that he has been in the league 16 years.Although not my first choice, I still would be happy if he became the Lions HC.

Eric Bieniemy is the one guy I for sure do not want.


We’ll see. It all depends on how many jobs are available, etc. $$$ and term also talk. Would be a nice hire, but there are many good coaches available and only so many jobs.

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Agreed 100% with everything you said. He checks the boxes from a leadership standpoint from what we can tell, the rookie part is concerning, but he has handled diversity this year with injuries to his top talent really well. I am always nervous for guys like EB and MP bc how much of the success is the them and how much of it is the legend they work for? Nagy is also from KC and I wouldn’t be happy with a similar track record in Detroit.

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Agree on those points, but… he is from the area, if he came back “home” and made the lions a competitor, what a story that would be!

Shades of Mooch, maybe… but, he’s young but tons of experience… maybe they pull the hometown card? I can see that being a positive and a negative…

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I posted about him awhile back.

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It’s home for him. I am sure that means a lot as well, hopefully


He’s becoming one of my favorites for the job, the more info the better he gets. Young, can adjust to the players and players play hard for him.


Yeah, bienemy im not sure about… he doesn’t call the plays, nagy in Chicago I want to say had a similar history with Andy Reid… I definitely like the coaching tree but not sure on him in particular. That being said I don’t know anything when it comes to this stuff

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Saleh has really grown on me over the course of the past couple of days, he checks all of the boxes I have for a candidate except for the offense I want, but that should by no means be a deal breaker.


I gotta say, Saleh coming home, especially being from Dearborn, turning the Lions around… man, that would be such an amazing story. Put good people around him, an experienced GM, or he brings his crew from SF…

I’ve been saying I want someone from Pitt or Baltimore or the packers, an established team, but, SF could be included in there and I wouldn’t be upset at all.

One last thing, he’s Lebanese, Dearborn (and southeast MI) has a huge Arabic population… this would be quite the story. And the Lions, again, would be at the forefront of hiring minorities to important positions.

The fact this guy lived through 9/11… I mean my goodness… that John niyo story is worth the read, as well as all the other articles posted


Telling you, it makes to much sense, the job, the timing, the Lions wanting to be on the forefront in this Social Justice battle. Perfect fit, and a good story.


It certainly is a great story! My fear is it happens and he fails, kinda but not really hit still, like Mooch

It certainly is not an easy job to turn this roster and get it competitive again, he might very well fail. He may not even want to come here, certainly seems like he’ll have multiple other options. Hopefully his love of the team and home will sway his choice but who even knows if we’ll be interested.

Gotta get that GM first.


I have been reading good and bad things about Salah on other boards. They seem to be split on him. Some say he has done a great job, especially this year with all the injuries/covid. Others say that they don’t care if he walks and that the 49ers should bring in Raheem Morris or Dan Quinn as DC if he does leave and they wouldn’t miss a beat.

They are also saying that the 49ers would get two 3rd round picks for a minority becoming a head coach from their staff. This pushes a lot of people on the other boards to move him as well.

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I agree here, and also, being a hometown person could be viewed as both a positive and negative. The pressure he would have on him should the lions hire him would be monumental… more so than any other random coach with no ties to the city.

Very much a go big or go home hire

Would the lions get extra picks for hiring a minority?

Nope. It would go to the 49ers. The same thing would happen to the Chiefs if Bienemy left. Two 3rd round picks. Good strategy that these teams are doing that. Free picks. That is probably why they wouldn’t mind to let them walk.