Rocky Horror Pic. Show - 48tu Anniversary- still going strong

Yikes! This is still a thing?! I’m almost tempted to go!! :crazy_face:

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Saw it back in the '70s. The film is a lot of fun and the audience were great.

I’m sure glad cell phones didn’t exist back in the day. I’ve been on stage, in costume, singing “Sweet Transvestite” as well as the Riff Raff part of “There’s a light over at the Frankenstein place”. 81-82 time frame at Theater at Woodland in Grand Rapids.


Things to bring to the show!

    1. Rice, to be thrown during the two wedding scenes. m - (NOT FOR THE STAGE SHOW!)
  1. Water pistols, to simulate the rain of the storm. m - (NOT FOR THE STAGE SHOW!)
  2. Confetti, may also be used during the wedding scenes. m - (NOT FOR THE STAGE SHOW!)
  3. Toast, thrown during the dinner scene. m - (NOT FOR THE STAGE SHOW!)
  4. Rubber gloves, to be snapped in time with frank ‘n’ furter during the creation scene. m - s
  5. Torch, used during the song ‘there’s a light’. Lighters are banned for safety reasons. m - s
  6. Party Poppers, Hat, Blower. used during the Dinner/Happy Birthday scene in the play. m - s
  7. Newspaper, worn over the head during the rain scene. m - s
  8. Playing cards, thrown during the line ‘cards for sorrow, cards for pain’ m - s

Lol / I was there once or twice myself back in the days

I was much more “under the weather” to remember all that! :speak_no_evil:

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Yeah, it’s still a thing. I saw it for the first time in November at a movie theater with live actors in front of the movie screen and working in synch with the film. Most of the items listed by DeadDog were provided. I dressed like one of the random geeks in the film and one gal painted a V for virgin on my forehead and presumably others.

It was…different. Why not?

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And to compare…. Jaws was basically released the same year too!