Rodrigo and Hutch,All Rookie

Think about that statement, as we move forward, it will be very difficult for 4-7 rounders to make our team. Trade a 5th in 24 for a 4th in 25, trade a 4th in 25 for a 3rd in 26. The cycle makes us better for decades.

In the past, I would not expect much from 4-7 rounders, even when the team wasn’t very good. Mostly, because we were picking guys that wouldn’t make great players in the league. Now they are quality players, or those draft picks could be used as ammo for future studs? It feels… unusual. But nice!

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Impressive is an understatement.

Love your entire post - Such goodness.
The latter part you post, I think we’re eventually going to have too many good players…We will not be able to keep 'em all (cap), so we will start trading player for extra beans…

Holmes picking good ones will eventually lead to us having too many quality players to keep on the roster.

I can see us packaging guys moving to second contracts with beans…to move up for HIGHER, more powerful beans.

Something’s gotta give, & I can see this being a way where Holmes can still win, without just having to lose players. Package & trade ‘em.
Lots of us will be pisse d, as we lose some of our fav guys (all of our guys are pretty friggin’ cool). Can’t keep 'em all, so have to upgrade and/or maintain.

We WILL lose talent. Some of us are gonna be pissed TF off, but it’s how Holmes will perpetually win.

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Is Hamilton really a safety???….

or a LB in that defense???

Looking at the snap counts for Clark, Williams, Stone, and Stephens… and what I saw in the limited amount of Ravens games I watched… I saw a LB that they label as a safety.


Yeah, he’s basically a LB.


No way do I trade Kerby for Hamilton. But I really value TOs.