Roger Goodell Has the Authority to Overturn Detroit/Dallas Outcome

He won’t and really shouldn’t because there were 23 seconds left on the clock for Dallas


Yep, just read that article as well.

I would say that beside this verbiage in the rule….“extraordinarily unfair or outside the accepted tactics” and has “a major effect on the result of the game,”…it’s also having a major effect on the playoff seeding, and beyond just the Detroit Lions seeding.


The rule seems to state that he could direct the game to be replayed from the point of the bad call. So fine, 21-20, with Lions kicking off with :23 ticks left on the clock.


Goodell: “LOL no”

This thread isn’t about Goff. Attempts to troll will be met with a ban. Try me.


I guess i thought the thread had to do with things effecting the outcome of the game?

Wow. No issue.

I mean, that would be amazing, but it won’t happen.

And as much as I’d love it, I’m not sure … it meets that bar. The Cowboys played defense under the assumption that the eligible receiver was Skipper, but most importantly, they had no idea that Decker was eligible.

As much as I hate the Cowboys, that’d be grossly unfair to them, because even though the Lions got screwed, it wasn’t Dallas’ fault. It was the fault of an incompetent official.


Yeah, I can agree with that. So they’d have to replay the game from the original spot of a 2-point conversion and we get another whack at it from that point on the field, not 5 yards back.

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With Allen located in hut in Guam with a single bottle of water.

It would be great to restart at the 2pt conversion attempt. If I am MCDC I kick the expert point as an FU to the NFL.

Goodell should resign,happy New year


Yeah the whole 23 seconds left on the clock, @Nate really good explanation of does Dallas even know who is eligible, etc, this isn’t a time when rule 17 can be utilized

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To be fair, yes dallas may have been confused by skipper being declared eligible but these guys understand formations and after they saw reynolds go off the line they should know decker was eligible… it was ■■■■■■ all around

Plus the fact that Decker was covered as he broke his block.

i would love to see either the fame pick up from the td or even a full replay. but when could either happen?

Yeah, it would be terrible if the Girls felt like we do, justly.
My cousin lives in Dallas. He was apologetic this morning on Facebook.

The Fords won’t offer as much money as Jerry.

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I am still a bit emotional and pissed about last night

Hoping tomorrow it gets better


That’s never happening.


It won’t happen, but it’s going to take something extraordinary (like overturning an unjust win) to fix a problem that will, eventually, cost the NFL a chit ton of revenue and prestige.
The League has a black eye, and with every incident piling on top of the previous, it won’t take very long before that perception of a “rigged” League will begin to damage the bottom line in viewership, sales, and popularity.
And just wait for the drop in betting and it’s related revenue stream. Roger will definitely hear about that.

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