Rogers is a good QB, but the fact is he gets help from all the "beneficiary yards"

we are dead last in that category, I saw Aaron getting very frustrated…I thought he was going to blow a gasket if we sacked him 2-3 more times. and when anybody lays a finger on him he’s raising his arm like “hey ref where’s the call?” I also saw him throw footballs many times that hit the ground…a few times it should have been called Intentional Grounding…but -that didn’t happen. I see a QB getting extra benefits via calls while we get all these “gray-area” , phantom, and interchangeable calls/penalties. Rogers isn’t half as tough as Stafford.

It pisses me off Rogers relies and expects a hand out from the officials each season.

people always talk about what a badass QB Rogers is, I’m not in that camp.

You hav to understand, he’s supposed to be elite. He took over for Farve. He has to be the greatest QB like, ever!

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You hav to understand, he’s supposed to be elite. He took over for Farve. He has to be the greatest QB like, ever!
[/quote]frankly I got tired of Farve’s Charades about retiring. I didn’t MIND Farve, but Rogers…he’s just too damn dependent on calls and his schtick about not wanting to be hit and sacked?? It’s like he stands behind his line saying"eeewww gross don’t touch me !" “ref…Ref?” “he hit me with his pinky finger !”


No one & I mean no one despises Aaron Rodgers as much as I do , the only player in the game I wish ill will on , I like seeing him get hurt , everything about him irritates the shit out of me from a person stand point & how he behaves on the field and his pissing and moaning …this is not a Favre dislike , Favre was a QB I loved watching play and could respect him , like him and loathe all at the same time …Rodgers is a hole different ball game of despise .
I also know Rodgers is one of the most talented QB’s to ever play the game and his smarts are undeniable, as is his ELITE arm talent , accuracy and over QB skillls …He bitches because the refs listen and oblige him which makes what he does smart.
He deserves every accolade he gets for his performances on the field .
Despite the fucking we took in that game the two throws The TD and the deep Strike late and the throw on the run in the same drive were 3 of the best throws you will ever see a QB make …I do not respect his way , like him or would I even consider giving him a squirt of piss if he was dying of thirst and at the same time I know he is ELITE

although i don’t share the total hate you do for him, i completely agree that he is elite. the clutch passes he made in that game were indeed off the charts crazy. anybody that denies that isn’t watching. put another way, even with the help of the refs, maybe only one other QB wins that game. if his crying gets the refs attention then yup he’s not dumb he’s actually smart (though it sucks for us as fans).

i’m 100% certain that if rogers had been a lion all these years instead of a packer and helped the lions win a suberbowl nobody here would be making derogatory comments about the guy but i bet you packer fans would be. that’s the way it rolls. some can hate the guy but he’s undoubtedly one of the best to ever play the game and those skills aint b/c of the refs.

That’s why I call him The God King. Total arrogant asshole but holy moly he is good. He’s the best to ever do it IMO. He’s made throws in real games in crucial situations that Brees, Manning and Brady couldn’t make on the practice field if you gave them each several tries at it.

That mustache makes me wanna punch him in the throat, but man do I respect him. His team was getting outplayed by a country mile and most QBs would have lost that game even with the refs assistance.


He’s a total douche, but he’s just better than anyone else ever.
Thank goodness we had Matt Millen running the show, because we wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on a big fat ass receiver at #10 overall. And thank goodness we had Joey Harrington who by this time was looking like a bust. Had we fired Millen and brought in a new GM, there is a good chance the Lions draft Rodgers at #10.
The Lions would have renamed the road in front of Ford Field, had statues of the guy, and the fans would worship every move the guy made, because he would have brought a SB victory home to Detroit. Instead, one playoff victory in the SB era.

I see him get rattled and start messing up considerably once he’s pressured , I see him throw footballs nowhere near any of his team mates (doesn’t get intentional grounding) , I see him miss his intended targets, I see a QB that gets many favors from the officials , I see a QB that whines if he’s touched, hit, or sacked and want’s a flag…which, more often than not…he gets…

Rogers is good but I’m not hailing the guy as great when he gets so much help and can stand behind his line making a sandwich half the time. Rogers gets gifted more opportunities to make plays and inflated yards and points because of the help.

Green Bay is the best flopping team.

I can’t stand Rogers arrogant, whiny, bitch attitude. No wonder his family hates him. I just want an opposing teams DL to grab him by the throat, rip his helmet off and then bitch slap him. I’d bet he’d cry like a little girl if that happened. He talented but he’s the kid in HS that I loved catching up to on the playground.