Ron Rivera Confirms Sam Howell is the starter

Since the end of the 2022 season, Sam Howell has been in the driver’s seat to begin the coming campaign as the Commanders’ starting quarterback. The team’s stance in that regard did not change through minicamp, and the same is true with respect to next month’s training camp.

Head coach Ron Rivera said both before and after the hiring of new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy that Howell would sit atop the depth chart heading into the new league year. Free agency did not, as expected, involve a serious pursuit of the top signal-callers available via signings or trades, but a veteran presence was indeed added. Jacoby Brissett was inked to a one-year deal in March, opening the door to a potential offseason competition.
“He’s much shown us what we want to see,” Rivera said, via ESPN’s John Keim. “He’s young, we know he is young. There was a lot of room for growth, and we know that, but he’s got a good skillset. He’s mobile, he’s got good foot movement, he’s got quick twitch to him, good decision maker. He is still learning to make those decisions, but he’s also got the arm talent and that’s the thing that that excites us.”

The Foreskins should be able to win 4, maybe 5 games next year!

QBs were overvalued and overdrafted in 2021 and I felt like the 2022 class was undervalued as a direct reaction to what happened in 2021. In a normal year I can’t see Sam Howell lasting until the 5th round. I called him a mix between Baker Mayfield and Mitch Seabiscuit. Those guys are not world beaters. But one went #1 overall and the other went #2 overall. But Sam Howell lasted until pick 144?

And here we are in 2023. There are (3) guys from the 2021 class going in as the starter and (4) guys from the 2022 class going in as the starter.


My guess is Howell is more like TrueBridgesky than Baker, notnin style of play but that hes gonna get 1 real shot that lasts 1-2 yrs, not 3 shots that take 6 years to show that he is a backup.

They actually have a pretty solid roster. If Howell is decent they have a shot to finish around.500 IMO.


I respect your opinion brother. I just don’t see them being better than any of the teams in that division. 3 of them were playoff teams last year and one almost won the super bowl.

But, anything is possible if Howell turns out to be good.

Can they go 7-4 out of division? Because 2-4 is probably the best they can do in division.


I am thinking 5-8 wins…

And having a week 14 bye seems brutal


Vegas has them 6.5 over/under wins.


AKA the “We REALLY want one of the top QBs from the upcoming draft” roster move.

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While you are talking about how the other teams in the division played last year, also remember that the Redskins were .500 last year.

I like Washington’s roster better than NYG’s roster. But Daboll is definitely an X factor.

You’re probably right. I haven’t looked at their schedule. Even in that division though they have enough talent to muck things up. They have a good front 7 on defense and some good weapons on offense. They won’t be an easy win if they get average or above quarterback play.

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Is it the Foreskins or is it the Cumhandlers

Why announce a starter now? Oh wait, its the Redskins or whatever they’re called…

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Too literal I guess.

Ron Rivera confirms they are tanking for the #1 pick for the new ownership

Washington vs Zona


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