Rookie Mini Camp

Will there be any coverage? Are reports allowed in? Anyone have any info…

Also, I’m curious as to why we haven’t heard of more trades post draft.
Wondering if anyone has any intel on that?

AJ Taylor is an interesting WR. Ran a 4.52 40. Had excellent, albeit limited, production before the Big Ten season debacle.

I think the reporters are opting out of mini camp due to COVID :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I think it’s just due to the newer league rules around OTA’s and the players efforts to avoid voluntary workouts. I know it was weird last year without there being a true “June 1st Cut” but I believe that is back in effect for this season. So I think at this point, teams really don’t know as well what they have, who’s come back from being injured etc. and are just waiting it out till June. At least that is what I’m telling myself as we look at the strong possibility of starting Will Harris… :cry:

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The only thing I know is that Sewell tested positive for COVID, and he ain’t there.

I think I read somewhere reporters will be allowed in 1 day out of the 3 day minicamp.

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Javon McKinley’s coming out party.

Just for an idea of his pedigree. He was one of the biggest stories in the entire Southern California high school football scene his Jr. year.

In college the kitchen sink was thrown against him. Some of it his own doing but we’re talking tons of adversity and he just might be coming out of it. I think this regime likes that profile.

He’s not the athlete of Boykin or Claypool but as a possession receiver prospect he’s more of a natural than either one.


It will probably be the day they’re making lanyards and macaroni art.


I’m suddenly inspired to search Fusili MCDC on Etsy


Exactly, not that any much news ever comes out anyway… it’s rookies against rookies…

We’ll start to see what’s up in training camp. I am interested to see how media coverage changes with the new regime.

Impressed to think that a 32 count three day roster as being a great thing. A question to the more indepth here, is it normal to have this many? Don’t recall this in the past.

prepares self for paint gun attack…

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that is such a stupid question, but does anyone know? asking for a friend.

“There are no such things as stupid questions…only stupid people who ask questions.”
-Chris Berman

Frankly, not really worth watching, but I posted it anyway for those of us who need to see somebody in lions gear catching a football. No idea who is throwing the ball though, but whatev.

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How do they fit all of these large human being into a camp if it’s mini? Is it like a clown car?

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I’m wondering what his timeline for return is?
Lions should just do what the Tigers did early on. Everyone got the one-time J&J vaccine - no more fretting and players losing time and etc etc

Outside of a handful of drafted rookies that will start - this is our depth. For some of the koolaid-blitzed youtubers that I debate with about the Lion’s chances this year - just wait till any one of our starters, at DB, at WR, at LB, at TE go down. You’re going to see UDFA or one-year contract guys starting.
Due to the rate of injury, you never see day one starters at 22 off/def positions stay healthy the whole year. Expect 20-30% of your starting roster over the course of the year to be one of these UDFA, one-year contract guys.
I’m not complaining, because I think that makes it possible to establish a few of these guys as players with a role going into the future. But I don’t think it bodes any promise for our chances at winning much this year.
Some ppl think that these coaches are going to be able to turn water into wine. The ex-player coach effect. They might be able to turn dirty water - into cleaner water - but talent is still talent. We just don’t have it yet. If we do, thinly. Certainly not depth.