Rookie numbers 2024

For some reason they aren’t all out yet, but I’ve found a few:

That 59 is about to be a big seller in parts of England.


We should play a game in Manchester. They’ve got a couple of giant-sized stadiums.

I bet Arnold is trying to get 3 off of Jack Fox, and I bet that’s what’s holding the whole thing up.

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There could definitely be some haggling going on with the lower numbers everyone wants. Vaki, Rakestraw and Arnold all play positions eligible for 0-20 (well technically 0-49, but if they wanted to go that high they already would have).

I’m surprised no one wants 1 honestly. I thought Jamo would take it and if he didn’t, Gibbs would. But neither guy did. Maybe Sutton cursed it.

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If Fox switches from 3, he probably gets the next call on what number he wants, so who’s to say he doesn’t take 1? Rakestraw would take 2 if it was available, but since it’s not he probably has to wait until Terrion makes his pick. I don’t know why Vaki isn’t taking a 20s number like he had at Utah, but maybe Ennis is going to want one?

I bet it gets complicated.

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He may. Frankly I think it would be pretty badass to have the number 1 used on a punter. But he could also take any other open number, who knows? But I would be surprised if someone doesn’t take 1.

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I have a thing about jersey numbers. All of these numbers means they’re going to be great players. Especially 94 as a DL. Especially DE.

For DB’s it’s 20, 21, and 24. Even tho the latest players who wore 21, and 24th failed. I still believe in those numbers.

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Available numbers. (Already removed 1 for Arnold)

Im gonna guess for the rest.

Arnold - 1
Rakestraw - 0
Vaki - 25

A lot of the lower number are vets

The only ones i can see that would be willing to give it up.

8 - Sudfeld
10 - T Smith
12 - Fountain
15 - Alexander
24 - Gilmore
27 - Knight
28 - Jefferson
29 - Vildor.

Everyone else isn’t going to give it up for an unproven rookie

That sounds about right to me. I suppose Vaki might try and negotiate 28 away from Jefferson, or just wait until he gets cut and added to the practice squad or whatever.

And normally I wouldn’t care about guessing the UDFAs but I think Isaiah Williams has a real shot, given what we paid him. It looks like he’ll have to settle for a number in the 80s, so I’ll go with 80 for him.

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Actually it looks like 1 may already be gone, at least for now.

No way he should get that over Arnold or Rake

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I’m sure he claimed it before the draft, we just didn’t hear about it.

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Given your Villa avatar - we both know it’s spelled “ManUre” :wink:

We are undoubtedly of a like mind, but now we have to keep the extra -re away from our boy Giovanni. Something that might prove difficult if (when) he struggles his first year.

I have zero expectations of Gio this season. Hope Sorsdal shows improvement tho.

I’m the same. And hopefully old Zeitler and Glasgow hold up.

Strange because that wasnt on the Lions official numbers that changed predraft.

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