Roster Locks and Bubbles Post UDFA

I know theres still 1 spot left on the roster (2 after june 1st)

But quick early look at some battles for roster spots.
I will say, not a lot of room left. And i wouldnt be heart broken to see any of those bubble guys leave.

Any one see anything that need changed. Or anyone your rooting for to make the roster?


Nice list. Gonna be some interesting battles.

I think we still add a couple vets yet too.

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I feel like Skipper/Betts are all locks also. Skipper has been solid and Betts will make the squad unless he gets injured IMO.

I did some more research on Betts and I would be surprised if he does not make it. He has some serious dawg in him and also a massive chip. He could have stayed in the CFL and stayed fat and happy but he wanted the NFL…he NEEDED the NFL. I am picking him as the sleeper surprise player of 2024. Unless of course he gets injured. But if he stays healthy I think he as a great 1-3 year run. I think he will be short lived due to his tweener size but while here he will make plays. As a side note, his contract is insane. He has ZERO guaranteed money. If he does not make the squad he gets nothing…LOL. Now if he makes it he will make 3 times what he would have made in the CFL. Dude has bet heavy on himself.

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The Lions have cut Skipper about 17 times so calling him a lock is a bit tricky. I’m sure he’d be on the practice squad either way


Fair…he just seems to be that booger that won’t shake free. So I just assume he will find a way. But his days are clearly numbered.


I’ll be shocked if they don’t give Mitchell year 3. Commish is a lock IMO.


Betts is simply if they go with only 10DL. If they go 11 i agree completely hes in. 10 its close.

And one of Skipper/Galvin or another swing tackle is a lock. We aren’t going into the season with Manu as that option IMO. Just don’t know who it’s going to be. I think 10 OL is possible if they love one of these UDFA centers.


Just wonder if they only go with 3 TEs. Do they go Zylstra or Mitchell. I lean mitchell for sure. But by no means a 100% lock

Absolutely. 1 OT is guaranteed in.
Its just does Galvin finally beat him in camp. Does someone else come in. But yea they arnt going into the season the Manu as OT3

Would you agree that 10 rather than 9 would be the max. We likely have Moseley’s spot to pull from for six weeks.

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So the roster can be 57?

Dress only 53?

And you can have 16 on practice squad?

So does that mean you can basically have 73 players under your control each week?

I would have DPJ as likely to make it and Sorsdal as probably to make it, but not locks, IMO. Badgely and Daly are probably as much locks as DPJ and Sorsdal.

I think there’s a decent chance that Sorsdal is the top backup at RT and if Decker got hurt, Sewell would go to LT. Skipper is extra insurance on the practice squad.

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Agreed. A few of these locks are probably on the roster, but if things don’t go their way - they get hurt/underperform, a UDFA at their spot becomes un-cuttable, etc… - then they could definitely miss out. Aside from DPJ and Sorsdal I’d put Davenport and, as loathe as I am to admit it, Rodrigo on that list.

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No i was just showing you cant have the max (estimated) players in every group.

53 max roster size.

48 max game day active/dressed (qb exempt)

16 max practice squad.

Moseley COULD be back game 1. Well see. And i dont see the need for 10OL.
1 back up guard.
1 swing guard/ tackle
1 ot
1 project.

Glasgow plays center and guard. So hes c2.

Dpj in only because the CURRENT rest of the WRs i dont see jumping him. They traded for him so they must see something in him.

Sorsdol in for a similar reason. High draft pick. Looked ok starting last year. Hes G3 until proven otherwise.

Badgley has been cut before.

Daly. Meh LS. If they can save $300k by using the rookie. So be it.

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The X factor in roster construction is Vaki. Special teams first and foremost. How much more can he contribute as backup RB and S in his first season? Gotta do one thing good first, I’d think.


Exactly. Well lions ran with 9-11 DBs last year. And one or 2 of them were virtually strictly Special Teams. (dorsey and Gilmore)

So where vaki sits is kinda irrelevant.

It will be 9 DBs and 3RBs PLUS vaki minimum.

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