Roster Update Lucas Gone



Both of his names are movies that I’ve seen which makes this an especially tough pill to swallow.

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has to mean that both Thomas and Gilmore are on the team.


Maybe even Dorsey who was a noticeable in the games I watched

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Could be also could activate Moseley an just have him inactive till ready could get him back 3 or 4 weeks earlier. I think the two UDFA make it.

I think there’s three reasons.

First, Lucas, who is already 26 years old, was “overaged” as they say in draft speak, which is why a player with so much starting experience lasted until Rd 7.

Second, some analysts have suggested that Lucas had reached his ceiling. Pretty much what you see is what you get and probably not much more.

Third, because of the first two, he’s more likely to be available as a PS player than the younger CBs who played well and have more upside.


Agree also they could activate Moseley an just have him inactive first few weeks


Very good point ^


we getting ready to add some more grit.

Maybe but the 2 UDFA are good so far an I sure hope they don’t release them Think about starting next season with Sutton Jacobs Branch Kerby Walker Starling Gilmore all signed before we try sign anyone.


I had huge '24 CB depth concerns heading into training camp. The idea that we might have CB 4 & 5 on cheap second year deals was not on my bingo card.


I literally made a post about this and it was like

Mac Mccain, Lucas, Will Harris, and Iffy…

Brad Holmes finding this undrafted CBs is utterly ridiculous.

Jacobs, Starling V, Gilmore.

That’s sick

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It’s kind of weird, but I’m excited to see Thomas and Gilmore’s development throughout the season.


Chase will get picked up within the division asap

Maybe. He’s a decent player but he’s 26 so he’s not a pup.

Fixed it. I did this the other day when I typed Kyle Wilson instead of Zach Wilson. Still have the case of the Mondays apparently.

office space no GIF

The dude looks even older: