Ruh Roh

Cephus is a safe bet… considering he is already suspended and released… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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How can you do that to levy ? There’s probably 25-30 guys that could be describing

More Lions…smh. 5 players and 4 staff.

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Do we know if they won their bets?

The Lions must have voluntarily given the NFL access to their network wifi logs… otherwise how would they have all this data?

It is crazy to think that a player could be driving to allen field and he’s checking his draft kings and then gets to the parking lot and his phone picks up the wifi and boom he’s got a Lion’s IP address while logged into his personal account.


True, but lets not forget some of these clowns were betting on nfl games.

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The app itself records your gps location. They do not need any server data from any team

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You think the betting data came straight from the betting app?

Let’s assume for the moment it’s draft kings.

Draft kings would have to be providing to the NFL a list of account holders along with the GPS data and/or IP data to the NFL (including finding and identifying users that both play for and work for the Lions).

At worst, this would be a breach of their own privacy data policies to the account holders resulting in lawsuits of all kinds. Best case they have a policy that allows this, however it would be a huge PR nightmare if it got out that they were outing clients like this. Not to mention if the Lions were unfairly targeted by a hater within the Draft Kings by playing favorites would be a different kind of tampering.

On the other hand, the NFL can likely require the Lions to give them internal data on websites visited on their routers as the Lions are an entity tied to the NFL. The Lions have likely had the players sign forms stating they will not visit certain types of websites while on company property and that such data is subject to review.

Pretty sure the Lions handed over their own data to the league.
It’s pretty easy to pull a log of all websites visited through a router and then have an intern or search feature look to find sites that are of one type or another (in this case betting).

This may explain why there is still an investigation going on and another player may be found in violation. If they had a huge server log and found those 4 players on xyz site/app, then found another player on another site/app, they are still digging through it.

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That is what was originally reported when the story first broke about Jamo, Moore, etc.


Doh! Hey, I got brain damage. Don’t make fun of me.:rofl:

I thought they dug through the hard knocks videos lol

Its strange how easy this can happen. There is a neighbor who lives a couple of blocks from us that accidentally gets connected to our wifi signal. It only happens when I’m at work and my wife is at home. It lasts for about 30 minutes and then resolves itself. Coincidentally it happens on the days my wife changes out the sheets. I wonder if our washing machine is somehow scrambling wifi signals. :thinking: My wife said not to worry about it.


I think that’s the best guess because 3 of the 4 were WRs.

Trinity Benson might be a strong No. 2.

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If it’s Trinity it better be a three team parlay.

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that’s weird… hope their isn’t sticky spots on the headboard of the bed too… that seems to be a strange correlation to the issue you have described….

Do you know if his WiFi network is named El Sancho?

I really hope it’s Levi so we can just move on from that mistake.

Obviously I hope it isn’t anyone but that’s clearly not an option.

I am not sure what that has to do with anything. My wife told me it is hair gel.

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that’s bizarre… but I know what it’s like to have the wife make strange statements. My wife is obsessed with the neighbors “rocks”… always talking about getting them off.

I ask her where they need be “off”… and she gives me a weird look like she doesn’t understand why I ask…. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Heck… he has mulch…. doesn’t even have rocks…

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This was mostly addressed on the last go round here.

There is a 3rd party tech company that handles all of the betting compliance for the league, forget the name. They have afaik full access to the sportsbooks geolocation info.