Rules to picking a GM

What are the things or advice would you give the Lions in their search for the next regime?

I would say don’t have a inexperienced GM with an inexperienced HC. Somebody has to have been there before.

Stay the fuck away from the New England patriots


Dave Dombrowski.


This may be unpopular but I think we should give substantial GM duties to our next head coach but only if it allows us to hire a coach that otherwise wouldn’t consider us otherwise. Perhaps a situation like Seattle in which they do have a GM of course but Carrol has significant player personnel input.


Gonna be controversial but get rid of gridiron heroes to help show that we aren’t gonna be part of the same losing culture of the same ol lions

Let’s see…

We have a family that owns the team.
One of the daughters is presiding as CEO.
Their conduit to the team itself is through a guy that will preside over the GM and HC. By the way, this guy knows nothing about football, but the family trusts him.

So, the number 1 rule is to hire someone who’s not going to buckle under weight of bureaucracy.

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Honestly there is only one real answer here. You back up the brinks truck and you go get Ozzie Newsome from Baltimore. Eric Decosta has taken over and Ozzie has taken on more of a VP role. He is widely known as one of the best GM’s in the modern NFL draft wise. You bring him over with his hand picked successor. He stays on for 4-5 years and then he gives up the reigns. He is the CLEAR choice here.


Newsome with either of the Ravens coordinators coming in as head coach would be an outstanding combo which would hit the ground running.

Can’t see it happening though


I’ll be the first to blame the Fords for the debacle that is the Detroit Lions, but in this case they went outside and let “football people” make the choice for the new GM. And they got Quinn.

I have no idea how they will proceed for the next hire. They have to go to the well again and let football people help them make a choice. They need to get luckier this time around. They should be assembling a group of people to sift through the potential hires. Or, really, they don’t need a committee, they need to find ONE consultant that can steer them in the right direction. Good luck with that.


It would take a lot of money to get Newsome. I do think its possible though. The only thing that might stop it is his age/health. I’m assuming hes doing well but he did step down from being a GM for a reason. Maybe the thought of bringing back the Lions would recharge him.

The guy who intrigues me is Scott Pioloi.

I like that he has worked many years as a GM, assistant GM and In player personnel.

I also like that he has coached both OL and DL. Which makes me believe that the trenches would be a priority for him.

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Ozzie Newsome would an absolute grand slam. Doubt that’s possible though.

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Scott Pioli, bob Quinn’s predecessor one New England?

Yes … I like that he’s been an executive for multiple teams and has prior GM experience.

He’s going to get another GM opportunity from someone and I think he will have success when he does.

As far as path, I think they need to continue down the same type of path that they used last time. It sucks that it didn’t work out, but since we have no real football people in charge of the team at that level…it just is what it is. However this next go round, I would avoid New England like the plague. I’d look into a place like Philadelphia. And while we are talking about teams to avoid, I’d also avoid the Steelers.


I agree and besides he would have the ability to start from scratch…

I will give a firm hell no to Scott Pioli. He turned the Chiefs into a wretched bunch after their huge run of success in the early 2000’s. Scott Pioli oversaw bringing the Patriot way to KC, and led to the wonderful Todd Haley experiment. Scott Pioli is just more Bob Quinn.


Yeah, I agree no Pioli

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Honestly out of any head coach or GM hire Ozzie Newsome would probably be my absolute favorite hire. Pair him with Marvin Lewis who he of course worked with in Baltimore and I’d be even more


Ozzie Newsome and Marv Lewis are great friends.