Rumor: Glenn arguing with defensive coaches after game

Reporter says that this may be nothing and just frustrations over losing. Will be interesting to see if there are more off season changes if the culture is not where Dan wants it.


I kind of hope there were some heated discussions about the defensive side of the ball after last week’s game tbh.


good post and nice info but that guy needs to work on being succinct. that info didn’t need to be a 10 minute video




Probably making up some shit about what they did wrong so that when someone has to get fired again, AG can place blame on everyone else.

Pretty sure this guy isn’t credible at all. If there was fighting good………they should be getting angry about this and fix it……

The reason I say it most likely not credible is no one else is talking about it. No one. Rogers, birkett, baumgardner, mienke……twitter….it’s all crickets….


If five or six grown-ass men who happen to also be professional NFL coaches want to get heated after getting their ass kicked about why they shouldn’t have when in fact they certainly shouldn’t have, I am perfectly fine with that.

And if I’m a player on that plane that actually heard it, I’d be feeling pretty shitty about my performance and the fact that my performance led to this with such a strong-knit coaching group. And I’d be early on Monday.

It’s the NFL, it’s not always puppies and hugs.


Jamo is not on the injury report.



Does he actually cite a source?

Or is this just an uncredentialed fan with a YouTube account?

Because literally ANY of you could put together this.


Maybe he talked to Jon….

not that Jon…… but just some rando guy named Jon.???


People can say what they want about Carlos, lord knows I’m no fan of his, but at least Carlos has actual access to the team.

And regardless of what spin anyone puts on it, access matters. Anything else is literal bullshit.

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“It is being reported…”

“What I am hearing…”

Never cites source

Come on.

Should it have happened? Absolutely. But this is just rumormongering.

Probably just a heated discussion and those happen everyday.

I do not doubt it and the reason it’s not reported is this happens all the time. It’s not news.

He probably did hear it and he even states it’s probably nothing…. Then why try to make it into something.

Keep in mind most coaches are A personalities and when you have a room full of them your going to have some heated discussions just like we do here in the Den.

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Well I heard DC was arguing with AG that Diet Dr Pepper is better than Fresca as a sugar free soft drink alternative. BJ was camp Fresca and Staley joined Dan in camp Pepper

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Probably involved lunches. Perhaps coach Duker traded AG a Caprisun for a Snack Pavk but it turned out Dukes had just inflated an empty Caprisun with a straw. If so, it does bring AG’s ability to strategize into question though.

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0 sources, 0 other people confirming or saying anything about it + he prefaces it a million times with “this could be bullshit, buuuut…”

Aka, nonsense.

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His sisters friends nephews cousin talked to someone who knew someone who was there.

Kenan Thompson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


“Guys, mom and dad are fighting again…it’s because of you Jeffrey!!!”


I have actually heard from a few beat writers that they have not heard anything about this with their sources inside the team. Which puts me in the group of people that believe this is strictly clickbait.


Dr Pepper is, after all, the sweet one.

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