Detroit Lions: Rumor suggests Detroit Lions have offered ‘big time’ contract to Jim Harbaugh | DSN (

I’d love this

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Hmmmm. I doubt it.

I can think of worse candidates. Not my top choice, but what the heck, what’s the worst that can happen?

2020 Wolverines…that’s the worst that can happen.


I mean the person pushing the info seems to be a fan and not someone blue-check certified. I’ll start paying attention when mainstream starts pushing this narrative.

Not bc he might not what he is talking about but it sounds like the limo story…no facts…just “I’ve heard”

Sadly, they still have a better winning percentage.

dam it!! I always get it wrong!!!


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Will they let him call in sick to avoid playing the Packers?:rofl:

tenor (16)


I doubt we can get worse than the 2020 Lions.

Get rid of Stafford, bring in a rookie QB, and watch Harbaugh try to develop him. Yeah, we could definitely be worse.


Never been a Jim Harbaugh fan (especially after the handshake).

John, I can dig though.

With that said, Jim has achieved a high degree of success in the NFL.

I’m in favor of hiring a HC with experience. Urban Meyer is my #1 choice.

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Please God, NO!

Rumors everywhere. Just read one online about him being extended for 3 years at Michigan, to be announced in days. Not a fan of that either as a Wolverine fan.

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Rumor has it its basically a year to year deal with a low buyout number… I don’t see Michigan firing him, he produces huge revenue because of his name.

2020 wolverines still aren’t the 2008 Lions. So there is definitely worse options out there. Hell, they could up and rehire Marinelli and Millen. Another 3 years of hearing about pad levels.

So for being the worst HC in my lifetime at Michigan he would get promoted to the NFL? This should be filed where all of the garbage goes.

He’s actually had success at the NFL level as a head coach which is more then 99% of the other candidates. I wouldn’t hate the hire, but just with our Lions being involved I’d have to be somewhat skeptical. He shouldn’t be given full reigns as I believe he’s proven he’s not capable of handling GM duties which is what he’s essentially doing at Michigan. But as just a coach I think he’s probably far more experienced, battle tested then anyone else were likely to hire. The guy went to the super bowl with CK at the helm, and according to a lot of posters here, he’s not even qualified to be a backup in the league. If you paired him with a competent, experienced GM I could definitely see it working.

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Harbaugh has been exposed at Michigan. He is not a quality OC or DC at the NFL level. He had a nice run in SF until it all came crashing down. He has no creativity and can’t solve problems.

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What does being a good offensive or defensive coordinator have to do with being a decent head coach? My number 1 criteria for a head coach is being able to delegate. Some of the best coordinators of all time have made for some miserable head coaches. There’s a difference between leading a squad of players and uniting a team. Some people have it, others just don’t. I’d rather a head coach understand his shortcomings and having the sense to delegate that role to someone else and not interfere. Caldwell was a good leader of men, but an awful judge of coordinators and far too much loyalty to said coordinators. Harbaugh biggest flaw at Michigan has been his inability to locate “his” QB. He’s not very good at identifying the talent he needs. Which is why he needs an experienced GM on board. His downfall in SF had little to do with his coaching and almost everything to do with his relationship with the front office. Like I said he isn’t my top choice, but we could do far, far worse. This organization needs experience in both the GM and head coach roles. Going with first timers again would just be sol as they attempt to be the smartest guys in the room again. History has shown us time after time that were never the smartest team in the room.