Rumour - Fields to be traded


A few of us on here have been saying that’s exactly what they should do. Trade Fields and draft Bryce Young. Personally i hope they stick with Fields, but trading him makes a lot of sense. You have to remember the current GM and head coach did not draft Fields, they inherited him.


Yep …. I think that’s what CHI should do.

They can still get a good trade for Fields and get a QB who is a true QB and less a gimmick.

It will be interesting to see what they do. I’m hoping they keep Fields myself.


Seriously though I think the odds they keep Fields are above 50/50.

The Fan base seems to like him and it maybe a tad too soon to completely give up on him.

But I think they should.

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Yeah, that would suck. Well it would suck if they go with Young, who I’m really sure is gonna be a star.

This is the one move I didn’t want Chicago making.

That said I still like Fields, I just don’t think he’s in the same stratosphere as Young as a talent.


A younger Lamar Jackson without the attitude. I have to think Baltimore might be interested, unless they’re tired of running QBs. They might be. It hasn’t got them anywhere. And of course, Fields isn’t as good as Jackson was at the same age, but he’s younger and cheaper.


I think it’s gonna happen unfortunately. They traded a high 2nd rounder for Chase Claypool last year and Fields didn’t even throw him the ball. Fields is essentially a running back that can throw here and there, whereas Young can move, but he’s looking to throw the ball and make things happen down field, kinda reminds me of a smaller Mahomes at times.

■■■■ the Bears! I wonder what they could realistically get for Fields!? Maybe a 2nd rounder? I don’t see them getting a first for what Fields has done so far in his career.


Go get him Brad


Lovie Smith doing more damage to the Lions.


All the Colts defender had to do was knock the ball down on 4th and forever, and he didn’t even try. The Colts out tanked Lovie that day. Shit that sucks. Bears lucked out.


They would get more in a trade involving Fields than a trade with Houston or Indy I think.

Y’all know it’s what I would do with my love for rookie QB contracts haha. Plus I think Fields is a lite Lamar and I don’t think much of Lamar

I’m counting on them to Bears things up. They’ve never had a good QB that I can even remember. I mean is Jim McMahon the best? Harbaugh? I mean they’ve had some serious trash behind center. I can’t handle them having a legit star.


Maybe Cutler, he had a great arm at least. But yea Bears QB’s have been terrible the past several decades, hope that continues.


In my eyes, this is what we call “generating as much interest as possible in our #1 pick” news. No way they are dealing Fields.


I sure hope not. Fields value is at an all-time high right now. He’s probably never going to make it as a QB but he just rushed for 1000 yards and broke the single game rushing record and you can still try and sell that he’ll improve in other areas that he likely never will. They might even be able to get a pretty good return for him. No, I definitely want him to stay a Bear. And I don’t want them trading the pick either, they should stay put and take either Anderson or Carter.

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Its definitely the poker face time of year.


I would think as lions fans we’d be pretty thrilled if they traded fields for Lamar Jackson and his huge contract soaking up a big portion of the massive amount of cap space they have yet still not be a team that’s ready to compete




Here’s a list of things Jason La Canfora has said that have turned out to be true…

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Yeah I can’t find anything, I’ll keep looking though…

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Yep. I can’t seem to find anything.


The Bears have never even had a guy throw for 4,000 yards in a season. The most yards ever by a Bears QB was Erik Kramer with 3,838 back in 1995!

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