Run-it-Back w/Vikings bum GM ? Pick #23

#23 and #114 originally our 4th rounder

for #48, #55, #152

We move up from #48 to #23 (moved up from #32 to #12 last year)
We move up from 5th to 4th (moved from 3rd to 2nd last year)
We give up pick #55 (We gave up pick 34 last year)

Can we get it again?!?!

Run it back draft 2023 just like 2022

6- Jailin Carter DT …falls into our lap like Hutch did last year
18- Bijan Robinson RB… superstar game breaker with our next pick
23- Ocyrus Torrence RG …inside juice on the offense this year
81- Darius Rush CB … raw long-armed playmaker in the secondary
114- Noah Sewell MLB … position of need like TE was. Could go Pace/D.Williams if he gone?
6a- Ramirez/Thorton EDGE… try and strike gold again
6b- Aubrey Miller Jr LB … 225lb defender from Jackson St again
7*- Mekhi Blackmon CB … acquired pick via small trade down, could be next CHRIS CASH for us

PS trade for Matt Corrall


Dream Scenario, would love it. Carter and Bijan would be a home run. Throw Torrence in there? Look out NFC.

But chatter is that Carter is off our board…

I would be ok with one of the edge rushers. Just not a CB . Personal preference

He went to the same HS as Warren Sapp…literally history repeating itself.

You know me, Id be fine with Skoronski than Kancey along with Bijan

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Trenches are everything. The proof is in the pudding. Cb at 6 is insanity to me when all those premium big boys are sitting there.