Running Back

So I’m on record as saying I prefer not to draft my RBs until the 4th round - 3rd at the absolute earliest - but I’m also a realist and it seems to me the Rams valued the RB position (paid Gurley, drafted Akers, drafted Henderson, traded for Sony), so I can only assume Holmes might too.

And if that’s true, it’s possible RB might be higher on our list of potential draftees than anyone here thinks.

Do we want to pay Swift? Second RB contracts are usually busts and that’s for guys who excelled under their rookie contracts like Zeke and Gurley. Swift has been good but not to the level of those guys, and I’m not sure he’ll ever be a between-the-tackles hammer. And that’s a decision we’ll probably be making next offseason. Jamaal Williams’s contract would have run out by then as well.

Of course we can wait until next year to address it, RB is a position where rookies can hit the ground running, but a lot of teams solve their problems a year early. It would make the Swift contract discussions far different if we’ve added someone this year who proved to be good, for example.

Personally I don’t like the idea, but I think it’s one that has a chance to happen. And it’s one that’s never brought up.


I think Swift gets this year….

We also may see improvement by Jefferson?!

But, I am sure if a RB ends up at thier top rated player at that time, they could pull that trigger

Spending 66 on K9 is a pretty good idea IMO.

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Hold on here, I was told Jemar Jefferson, last years 7th round pick was a huge steal and a future hall of famer… I kid, i kid.

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I am willing to spend as high as a 2nd round pick on a RB but I am not really interested in a 2nd contract unless its short. I don’t mind paying decent money for 2-3 years, but nothing beyond that.

Agreed running backs on 2nd contracts have been a disaster the past decade.

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I think a lot of us are open to it, but probably don’t want to see the first three picks used on it. Not that that matters to holmes.

The contract thing is a big deal maybe? Williams is expiring and I don’t expect him back. He’s reliable, but not dangerous. Lacks burst. We’ll see how many snaps Swift gets this year, but if he’s not fit for workhorse duty, then there’s nobody on our team currently that is.

We have a serviceable committee, with one talented back that may or may not stay healthy. I think rb is very much in play.


Agree - no RB top three picks assuming no TD


Don’t forget about Craig Reynolds. He ran the ball pretty well. But, we can always use more competition. I could see another mid to late round RB.

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I would think we grab a RB at some point (just not in the 2nd rd… we’ve tried that enough) but also I think another TE might be in play in the first 3 rounds.

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I like C Reynolds. Not worried about displacing him nor Jefferson if they take a RB. If they aren’t better, then they can go.

Already said in other threads, I love Walker III. I don’t see them taking him. Nor any RB unless there’s extreme value. Like someone they have rated top of second talent sitting there at 99.


I like Reynolds. He would’ve gotten more carries were it up to me. I just really don’t see Williams as much more than a short yardage, situational guy. If he’s getting significant carries, then our offense is limited in potential.


You need someone who can move the chains. Who can get hit hard behind the line and still find a way to grind out positive yardage.

Williams has a spot on the roster as long as him body lets him do it. Or they find someone else to do it.

Especially with the offense Detroit wants to utilize.

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Exactly. We’ve had posters criticize his yards per carry LOL. Well, when you need 2 and get 2.5, or 1.5 and get 2, guess wwll, it’s going to show up in ypc. You know what else shows up, 42 first downs, by far the most of our RB’s. Good blocker for passing plays too.

Pierre Strong or Tyler Goodson late.

My guess is that the Lions might grab one with the comp pick at teh end of the 3rd round (since no 4th round at this time). I think everyone is pretty much on the same page, what the Lions have is fine for another season, but next offseason some moves are going to be made, if they are not done this year.

I’d love it if they could trade Williams…. but we’d have to eat part of his salary to do it.

I had previously thought he was safe because of his cap hit… but he has a base salary of $4 million in 2022… and only $1 milllion of it is guaranteed.

His cap hit is $4.625 million if he plays for Detroit…. $1.625 million if Lions release him… or only $625k if a team took him in a trade without the Lions being forced to pay part of his salary.

I like Jamaal and he is a great locker room guy… but that salary is a bit high for his skill level at this point.


I think you’re underestimating his value to the Lions. He gives them something the other backs can’t consistently, get positive yardage when it’s needed. It’s crucial for their offense.


That salary is peanuts. I would rather have a contributing player than save the little bit of money getting rid of him would save.

Absolutely, you know how many years we DIDN’T have a guy who could get 3rd and 2?


I don’t want to pay Swift but i think we can go RB early next year if need be. Personally I’d like us to extend JWill as RB2. If JJ is ready for the #1RB role in '23, great. Otherwise, grab high profile rookie next year.

That being said if Walker is available at 66 and we go that route I’m okay with it. Not my preference but I’m not going to have a problem with it I’d be disappointed in a RB pick before 66 though.