Running QB's

Have any of the additions or changes that we have made this year addressed stopping running QB’s. I think this have been one of our biggest defensive issues the past couple years. I ask because I have no clue how to improve this part of the Defense.

The reason why the lions got burned so often on mobile QBs is because of the blitz packages they liked running.

With davenport, houston and Reader. The d line will be able to handle their own more. Allowing the DBs and LBs to sit a bit longer and make the correct read rather than rushing in and trying to help the DL get the QB.

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We were actually a lot better in 2023 than 2022. In 2022 we were dead last in rushing yards given up to QB’s and in 2023 we were only 3rd worst :wink: huge improvement

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Our guys apparently didn’t understand what was meant by “contain” and constantly over ran the QB and left a void that was exploited time after time. The numbers will drop big time this season with no Fields.

Here is an interesting twist. Our guys were TOO well coached to “contain.” And since the opposing QB had no fear of someone doing something other than “contain,” they were more comfortable and did things in a way they wouldn’t have done against a different team against the same defensive look. In 2023 AG introduced something new to the scheme. If you take off running, you get popped. No more letting QBs run out of bounds freely. Early in the game we set the tone, even if it required a flying Superman hit that barely caught the guys ribs as he was going out of bounds. Go back to games like the Falcons and Raiders. Once they got popped, their desire to run changed completely.

plus, we had some tackling issues…we got burned for a lot of big plays.