RV to Lions games

Does anyone do this? Where and how do you do this? Are there a group of tailgaters? We are buying our first one. Trying to figure how to combine this with Lions games for an epic weekend.

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There should be a group for this. This is a great idea. Too drunk or tired? Sleep it off after a lions win. Where do they tailgate though. Ive only just parked my car and walked. Ive only been to one game though.

This has to exist already. Would make for an awesome pregame day as well. Hopefully someone can steer me right here.

Park in the Pistons offensive end of the court, they arent using it


Park an Ride is what I have used. It’s not cheap ($300.00) LY.
It’s convenient, right across the street from FF.

Is that the fee to park an RV there for the game?

Yes, here is a link:

Link for draft parking:

I live in Grand Rapids.

My favorite place to park is at the small lot across the street from the People Mover stop.

  1. Cheap
  2. I’ve seen a small RV parked there before
  3. Take people mover to game (short walk from Grand Circus stop)
  4. After game, get on people mover
  5. Couple stops you are at your car.
  6. 30 seconds after starting car you are on highway with ZERO traffic
  7. On 96 within a couple minutes, missing almost all heavy exiting game traffic

This is my dream. Buy a nice 26-28 foot C-Class. Drab a Jeep Wrangler behind it and just drive around. Year 1 would be following the MSU Spartans. Year 2 would be the Lions (obviously would mix then together when possible). Would spend Summers hit MLB parks until I had been to them all.

Sell everything and just live in the RV until I could no longer do it. The issue is I have a wife…while she does love to RV. She also loves her house.


I think it’s time to have serious talk with your wife and explain how it will be going forward.

I have a group of friends and we pile on a Yacht and go to away games sometimes. CHI, CLE, and GB. They go to home games too. Usually they get a slip Sinbads and ride in on their shuttle.

Call a place like Sinbads and see if they have RV parking.

Yeah I would say this. Finding a good spot to park and get to the game is easy. Finding a spot where you can tailgate with folks and others of like mind in the NFL could take some work. College no issue. I would suggest actually contacting the teams ticket office and ask. I bet they could point you in the right direction. This is the NFL so they likely have a whole team that tracks this stuff. I feel like KC/GB/Buff all show lots of RVS at their big tailgates. So it is likely out there.

If your going to tailgate with like minded friends and meet there. Just south of the field there are a couple of lots that allow RV’s for tail gating. It’s rather expensive though so you’re gonna want to get your friends to help.

I know of a private tailgate location that allows RV’s too and the only way in that lot is by invitation. I rarely meet up with that group but I try to at least one game a year because they are business contacts. They maybe willing to ad another RV and allow you in the group. They are rather high end people though. It’s not your typical tailgate experience but there’s plenty of hard liquor drinking going on.

I should probably not speak at this point…

There’s a group of tailgaters that do this and park at Eastern Market. No idea how much it costs.

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Thanks for all these suggestions! @Air2theThrown we can get our pinkies out if needed. More than anything I just have to make sure my wife has a good time at these games this year so I can plunk the load down for good ones when I finally make it to season ticket worthiness.