S Barkley to the Eagles



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RBs are getting paid, though I don’t know if it’s a trend or an indication that this RB class historically sucks

Oof. Love it when players sign within their own division.

Eagles aren’t going anywhere. Gonna be a bloodbath between Lions, Eagles, 9ers, Cowboys, Rams, Packers.

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He is going to look really, really good running behind that offensive line.


I think its a upgrade from swift. Huff is pretty good as well.

Yeah this is bad… i didnt want the Eagles to improve. Maybe they resign Patricia to work with the O?

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The free agent class is very very good. Not sure what to think of the amateurs

I think you nailed part of it. I doubt this is a trend.

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That’s a heavy price tag. Better draft a RB in 1st round…

Double wow.

No doubt

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The RB position is getting PAID. I’m shocked. I guess Holmes wasn’t so crazy to draft a cheap RB in the draft last year

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Good move for Barkley. Hurts can really run. The RPO’s gonna be tough to stop. Plus they got a strong oline.

I made a post 18 days ago predicting this RB market. Even broken clocks …

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