S Kerby Joseph

Jamo wasn’t the only one talking. He’s a fun guy. J-Will-light if you will. Loved the quote “I am always willing to learn. You have to be coachable to play in this league, so I am always willing to learn. Every time I come in here, it’s with a notepad taking notes.”

And on AG and AP - “Love them. I just want to stay in their office taking notes.”

Granted it’s only two days, but I still appreciate it.


I read on the athletic that they are lining him up more in a SS role, and nickel back. Keeping him closer to the box. Interesting since he didn’t play that in college. Walker has always seemed more comfortable in the deep safety role so my guess is they’re trying to find roles to play them together.

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"No you don’t " - Ryan Leaf

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I question how coachable a player is when he goes out of his way to talk about how coachable he is.

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