Saints request to interview Glenn

Man I hope we don’t lose him.

[2022 NFL head coach news: Saints reportedly request to interview Lions DC Aaron Glenn - Pride Of Detroit]

If Dennis Allen does not get that job, then we better hire Dennis Allen.

Because that would be really dumb.

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We won’t. Unfortunately it has more to do w the Rooney rule and bc he was with them for so long. Ive read/heard it’s Allen’s job.


Agreed. Allen is getting the job.

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Hard to see how they let Glenn walk last season if they felt he was HC in waiting. Why would he have the jump on Allen now?

I assume Allen getting it is a formality and that Glenn may well be getting the interview to comply with the Rooney rule

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They didn’t have a choice. He was a DB coach and took a promotion to Defensive Coordinator.

I have a bad feeling on this one.

Dennis Allen seems like the shoo in, but one never knows. I thought Glenn did really well.

Promote him to DC and move on from Allen but that was never a real option, same now with him getting the HC gig over him

If MCDC didn’t get the Lions gig last year I wonder how much consideration he would have gotten for this job? Payton was grooming him to be a head coach but would the Saints have seen him as a good fit?

I think he would have been the next coach there in that scenario. I am glad we have him now.

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