Salary Cap Health of NFL Teams

Nice article by Brad Spielberger of PFF detailing key metrics related to the salary cap of each team. I think he does a three year analysis because, a large part of analysists believe that you have a 3 year window to compete before resetting your cap and starting again, of course, you can try band-aids like the Saints/Eagles/Packers have been attempting.

I think our three year window begins next year (unless we move on for Goff for a rookie QB), then it would begin in 2024.


The last line for the Lions?

“At the outset, they’ve executed this rebuild the right way.”

Ain’t that refreshing to hear…

Thanks for posting @DeadStroke ! I am very Lions focused, so I liked the birds-eye view of the other teams as well…

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If we can show some big improvement this year, say 7-9 wins, I’d expect us to make some more serious moves in free agency next year.

It all depends on development. If our young players take a big step forward we’ll compete. If not we’re likely to stay middle of the pack.

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