Sam LaPorta to play today?

I have to imagine Brock starts and LaPorta comes in on some pass plays because of Mitchell being out.


Pump LaPorta full of the good stuff before the game. He will feel like Ironman.


Brock getting a TD today.

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“Very Likely Wear a Brace”

You think? I’m surprised his knee is not the size of a coconut. Also its cold as shit man. My knees hurt just from being old and it being so cold out. I can’t imagine a serious sprain.

If I had to bet $ real money, like my house, it would be LaPorta plays a few snaps and thats it. More a decoy.

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Hard to tell exactly how limited he was in practice with that big-ass brace on.

I wouldn’t want him to be doing much inline work on that knee. Let him be a possession receiver and help move the chains. Keep him out of the scrum.


Make himself a legend today.


Start as a decoy, then lull them to sleep…

It won’t be cold inside Ford Field and I’m sure they have been icing the shit out of it and pumping him full of anti-inflammatory’s. It just depends on how much it hurts.

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Thay really isn’t possible with this offense.

Ben’s genius is that he makes runs look just like the play action passes.

There are a few plays with Sam lined up wide…
but he is more dangerous when the defense thinks he is blocking.

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You could be right, but I don’t know about putting thousands of pounds of pressure on that knee joint right now.

We didn’t think he’d even play. Isolating him vs. a LB is a good matchup and that could help with the run game without him having to test that knee vs. huge humans.


I do agree. Trying to block 270 pound d ends when you have a banged up knee could be problematic.

We will know early how banged up or not he really is

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