Sandman Slowlights - This is the best offense in the NFL

Slowlights vs Chargers

At full strength I don’t think there is a better team. Our O-line had yards of push each play and Goff was remarkably clean. Sun God can’t be covered, even with double teams. We have the best Running back tandem. All our role players are good and most would start on other teams. Jamo had a good game.


Also, can someone clue me in on how to embed a video.

St. Brown has the fifth most yards per game. Dmo, 3 most rushing yards per game. Gibbs is 11th. The team is 4th. Goff is 4th in Yards per game.


Just put: [quote]

before it, and [/quote]

after it. It won’t look embedded on the preview (at least mine don’t), but it works when it posts.


so…not 1st anywhere huh?


The push by our OL on slow-motion running plays is a marvel to look at.


2nd play on the video the entire DL is going backwards.

That’s the one I noticed right away, couldn’t look away from them the rest of the vid

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Other than Miami…the Lions may have the 2nd best offense in the NFL.

We scored 41 yesterday and it should have been 50.


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