Saturday practice - 12 Oct

Hockenson is being evaluated by the doctors today, maybe he gets cleared to play on MNF. Supposed to be at practice.

Daniels is not practicing today. I can’t believe it’s possible he plays against GB, and I’m betting he ain’t happy about it.

That’s all I got for now, will add more as I find it.

From all I read and heard, see if as…Hoch, Slay, Hand in …Diggs, Daniels, Amendola out.

Just a wild hair guess.

Missing Diggs is gonna hurt.

From Rothstein, ESPN:

No Mike Daniels or Amani Oruwariye at open portion of Lions practice. Quandre Diggs and Darius Slay doing a bunch of stuff. We’ll see on designations later this afternoon.

From PoD:

Everyone else accounted for. Diggs and Hand appeared to be going through most drills.

Just great news!

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FYI: Davante Adams has been ruled out for GB.


Just great news!

Hope Amendola is a go. This would be a sweet game to uncork him again. Against this D, he’d be a nice weapon to have.

At this point, I think we’ll be lucky if Daniels is at 100% by playoff time. Hurts the D-line in terms of fatigue, if nothing else. dude has to get himself healthy AND fit. Been a rough go of it, so far. I can see Snacks and Flowers being awesome in this one.

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You mean Hand? I’d like to see him out there getting some snaps, but he don’t need to be out for another 4 weeks so I’d rather be safe than sorry. Dunno whe Daniels will be ready, he has’t even been out there at practice yet as far as I know.

Amendola would be great to have, we’ll see what the game designations are.

Nope - I meant Daniels. I think Hand will be out there soon, if not this week. I think they are making sure he’s ready. I think Patricia fully expects to be in the playoffs, and by his definition, playoffs means “Super Bowl Run”. He believes differently than the fan base does, and that is much needed!

Dunno if you heard the way that Patty was talking about concussions. ‘It’s a coach’s job to be observant about guys that were concussed, even if the doctors do clear him’ -something along those lines. Made me think he was preparing people to possibly not see Hock on Monday
Hope not, but whatever’s best for him

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What ever happened to the edge/LBer we drafted? Bryant? Did he go on IR?

Bryant is eligible to return from the IR, as soon as next week I think. If I’m not mistaken, he has to practice with the team for 2 weeks, after which he can return to active status on the 53 roster.

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