Schedule prediction analysis revisit

Peacekeeping Varmint


Sep 6
Lions @ Chiefs (TNF): W
Lions vs. Seahawks: W
Lions vs. Falcons: W
Lions @ Packers (TNF): W
Lions vs. Panthers: W
Lions @ Buccaneers: W
Lions @ Ravens: W
Lions vs. Raiders (MNF): W
Lions @ Chargers: L
Lions vs. Bears: W
Lions vs. Packers (Thanksgiving): W
Lions @ Saints: L
Lions @ Bears: W
Lions. vs. Broncos: W
Lions @ Vikings: L
Lions @ Cowboys: L
Lions vs. Vikings: W

13-4, 8-0 @FF
NFC Championship game.

Gonna say swap the Charger L for the Seahawks W and I still feel really really good about this schedule.

@BLT and @Dallas are the real tests.
@NOLA and @LAC are the “Can You Stay Focused”
The rest of our home schedule looks like curb stomp city.

9 road game season and we are cruising…


If we get past Baltimore with a win, it’s a 16-1 season.
First off, â– â– â– â–  Dallas.
Second, Goff back in LA? He has shit to settle, even if it’s the other team.
Oh, yeah. The Saint’s. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
That’s not the Payton, Campbell, Glenn, Saints. Not even close.


I really really really really want to beat the ravens. Lived in baltimore for a few years. Brother in law is from there…will be watching the game him. He is the kinds guy who jumps up ans claps obnoxiously over every single first down and dances ans never reads the room.

I don’t know where our losses come from. We can bewt anyone. I said before the season 13-4. I think 13-14 is gonna happen. I am going to say we lose games where we get maybe a little cocky…maybe it’s just one too many injuries. Maybe it is the ravens game. TBH, this is the game i think we could lose. Shouldn’t but we could.

If we go into the bye 7-1…i dont see us losing 3 more games.

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Man, it really feels like this is the case.

There’s probably going to be an unforeseen stumble somewhere, but between the Ravens and Cowgirls, there should be a long string of games where we decide how many points we wish to win by.


If there’s one game I want to be an embarrassing blowout, this is it. Give me a 35-0 or 42-3 final score. Keep the pedal to the metal all game.

I don’t want to hear a peep out of the cheesehumper fans for quite a while.


@Weaselpuppy and others

Thoughts on Broncos game? They suck yes but it will be Campbell against Sean Payton.

How does that affect things…

Dan takes a knee at 65 points?

Brandon Perna has abandoned hope. That’s a smart decision for Denver fans.
“If you have no hope. You don’t get crushed.”

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Losing a game to the Vikings… you are a funny man Weasel.

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Dan’s such a competitive guy I’m thinking this game will be one of the best executed games this season. Dan and AG will be fired up for this.

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