Scouting Director: Aidan Hutchinson Will Be Next Nick Bosa

“High ceiling. He will be the next Nick Bosa,” an NFL scouting director told ESPN. “Banking on him getting even better. Highly disruptive, physical, near rare motor.”

If Hutch breaks out to 15.5 sacks like Bosa did in year three, there’s going to be a lot of happy Lions fans.


Pretty sure he was second in the league in pressures but im to lazy to look. If he has any sort of help, he is goint to be an absolute monster.


■■■■ Nick “b*tches love sosa” Bosa
Hutch is the next Hutch.
He is a manimal alien from outer space, sent to the Lions as punishment for a crime he committed on a different planet…little did they know Hutch would turn his punishment into paradise.

There is a good chance I have been drinking.




I’ve been getting into the tequila a little bit lately myself.
As much as a I love bourbon/scotch, it’s fun to change direction once in a while.


Username don’t lie

Bad Boys Dance GIF by Detroit Pistons


Well, that is true. Humans like to compare people to others, you’re right. 100 percent correct. Most people compare themselves agaisnt what is perceived to be the best.

The best to who you might ask? The best to society.

Women need to look like Kim Kardashian and get a BBL becuase the media tells them that…

Am i wrong?

Hutchinson is himself…

And then…most teams will be saying “can we drsft an Aidan Hutchinson?”

All about being yourself and having your own mind and thoughts.

Aidan is himself…and the NFL better watch out.

Be yourself and have criticl thinking.

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Eight sacks in last five games. Still doesnt hit his ceiling.


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11 white claws. lol

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Too small of an example. They are looking at him as a 20 sack type DE….game wrecker. That’s what I think they mean by ceiling

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Jared Allen is a comp for Hutch that I really like. And Jared had a 22 sack year!!!


I always thought of Allen too when it came to Hutch

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Thanks Jacksonville… Sometimes the Lions get lucky… Like the Packers picking Mandrich and getting Barry one pick later… Or the Raiders taking Jamarcus Russell leaving Calvin on the board.


Yes :clap: Now I wonder how often other teams have said “Thanks Detroit”

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Maybe quite a few times….especially in the Millen era