Scouting report: Packers are perfect matchup for the Lions on Thanksgiving

Losing at home, it’s going to be a revenge game for the Packers, but they have so many injuries on a short week Lions missing just 1 player heading into Thanksgiving, Packers list 16 on report -, I think they’re going to have about one half of football before the Lions impose their will and run the ball down their throat.

Im not eating bad food. If we lose, the food will be bad.

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Green Bay has 4 losses by 4 or fewer points.

They are only giving up 20.2 points per game. The only game that gave up more than 25 was against Detroit in the first match up.

They’ve played a fairly mediocre schedule so far. The only “good” team they’ve played is us and we blew them out. They are one of the worst teams in the league against the run. Teams just don’t normally score a lot of TD’s against them.

Green Bay will try and run the ball to keep the game close and low scoring. Green Bay has a ton of injuries so I think they are going to have a hard time doing what they “want” to do.

Detroit wins easily.

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Biblical onslaught. They’re toast. Not using hyperbole

Dan and company are getting more used to playing this turkey day game and having a short week. As his tenure grows longer, fear of having to play in Detroit on Thanksgiving will be known as the most difficult road game the nfl has to offer.

Biggest home field advantage of any game…Detroit on Thanksgiving


We will real all the viewing records for this game at least at opening kickoff…

I’m leaning this way, too.

It feels like this is should be a “get right” game for the Lions after a couple of squeakers.

I’m envisioning complete domination in the running game; the o-line asserting their will and Monty and Gibbs running absolute roughshod. I’d love to see a pitch out in space or reverse to Jamo, too. Let’s see if we can rack up 300 yards on the ground this time.

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The D needs a big game. They have been run up and down the field the majority of 2 games and need to show they can do it not just in little bursts


Their TE is out now as well…

They. I think, are now down to only two TE/FB

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A pretty signfiicant loss for them.

Musgrave was No. 3 in targets and No. 2 in receptions with 33.

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Yes sir….

“Ay Yo Pack hows about you hand us the 9& 2…bet ya can…”